World Market Strawberry and Champagne Dark Chocolate

This week, I’ll be reviewing a bunch of chocolate bars from Cost Plus World Market’s in-house brand, World Market. Today, I’ll start with the most indulgent sounding of the bunch, Strawberry and Champagne Dark Chocolate.

The big bar was lightly scored into squares, each imprinted with the World Market logo. The back of the bar looked stubbly, thanks to all the strawberry bits in the bar.

The chocolate was nicely tempered with a smooth, dark sheen. Unfortunately, the texture was not as nice as the surface of the bar. Instead, it was dry and rough with a nearly chalky melt.

It had a nice, bright fruitiness, thanks to all the bits of dehydrated strawberry dispersed throughout. They were definitely the real deal fruit. I could feel the seeds crunch between my teeth.

There were also some visible champagne-colored bits in the bar. A champagne flavor come through in the finish with a light, wheaty wineyness.

Finally, the chocolate itself was meh. I didn’t care for its texture, and it lacked complexity and depth. It just tasted of one-note cocoa. An O.