Why This Electric Trike Is The Best Companion For All Your Adventure Needs

The electric trike industry has evolved immensely over the past few years. After the pandemic, everyone came out to a new world. People wanted more fresh air than ever. They craved adventure. And not in their cars and motorbikes, to end up within a constricted space within four doors, or to travel with the noise pollution of an entire city trailing behind them. They wanted something new, something different and unique. And this opportunity was fulfilled through the sudden boom in the etrike market.

As the competition grew, companies went on to create the best electric trikes the market had ever seen. This trend has continued to set the direction of the various companies, and this run towards excellence in the most complete package is undoubtedly highlighted by the existence of Addmotor’s 1000w electric trike, the Grandtan M-340T.

One of the best electric trikes to have ever graced the industry, the Grandtan M-340T is a complete work of art. Dripping with finesse from every bend and cut, this fat tire etrike harmonizes the need for raw power, and the want for comfort, perfectly.

The 1000w electric trike has ruled supreme over many, if not all, of its counterparts due to its efficiency and power, and still continues to do so. But, just why is it perfect for your adventure needs? Here are some reasons as to why you would want to consider this fat tire etrike as your next mode of transit to everywhere and anywhere.

Raw, Elegant Power

The Grandtan M-340T comes with a 48V*1000W Mid-Drive Motor, with a max motor torque of 160 Nm, and peak motor watts of 2000W. This provides this fat tire etrike with the necessary punch which will make possible for the rider, the ability to traverse almost any and all kinds of terrain with little to no difficulty and have you reach your intended destinations in the shortest time possible. One of the most powerful etrike motor, coupled with a strong and durable frame provides this 1000w electric trike with the smoothest harmony between its components.

This fat tire etrike has its motor placed in the middle of the etrike, thus distributing the weight of this 1000w electric trike more evenly, which further on goes to ensure a smoother, more comfortable journey for the rider on all kinds of terrains, whether rough or smooth, dry or wet, it will make sure that losing balance on this machine is the least of your worries.

The mid-drive 1000W motor also makes it easier for the fat tire etrike to easily climb up hills and traverse any kind of inclination that may prove to be too steep for even the best electric trikes. The motor placement, apart from just giving you the extra punch that is needed to make this 1000w electric trike fly, also makes it easier for the rider or mechanic to remove the tires considerably more easily relative to other motor placements.

Electronic Excellence

One of the most important sets of features of this 1000w electric trike to be counted from amongst the best electric trikes currently, are the plethora of utilities that this etrike provides, other than just raw power.

Among these is a recently released parking brake fitted to the Grandtan M-340T, which prevents the etrike’s wheels from spinning even on a steep slope or a slick surface. Whenever parking on an uphill, you are able to halt your etrike by gripping the brake lever and pushing a button. This gives the rider an increased level of ease and assurance if they have to slow down the bike anywhere, make it stand, even park it; the brake for parking has the protective aspect down pat.

The Grandtan M-340T also has a differential, which allows each rear wheel to turn at separate rates and rotations. The differential improves turning efficiency by 50% while also preventing sliding. Whether it is a damaged road, or whether it is a slippery road with rain pouring on it, it is no problem for this fat tire etrike to handle, thus cementing its name in the list of the best electric trikes ever produced. This also makes this etrike one of the best electric trikes when it comes to minimizing accident potential, since a greater control provided by the trike to the rider will only ever result in lesser accidents at the handles of the rider and out-of-control etrikes.


The head tube of the Grandtan M-340T is universally molded by a laser CNC machine to the precise requirements necessary to create a durable structure of the electric bike. Unlike welding technologies on the marketplace, the use of lasers may render the structure stronger and more solid. As a result, the etrike will withstand all types of tough terrain and climate without displaying signs of wear.

This 1000w electric trike also comes with a state-of-the-art LCD display that will provide to you all the vital information of your etrike, like speed, battery life, distance traveled, and more. Everything that is happening from the etrike is in front of you, however, now, what is happening within the etrike itself is always also under your eyes, making you the chief of all that happens. This is coupled with a high-quality lighting system that provides exceptional visibility and safety while riding. The system features headlight and taillight that are bright and long-lasting, ensuring that you can see the road ahead and be seen by other drivers and pedestrians.

The culmination of all these factors makes up for one of the most efficient, complete and beautiful etrike packages that will respond to every one of your traveling needs, regardless of the kind of terrain, the type of weather you are traveling in. Whenever you call for it, the Addmotor Grandtan M-340T will respond.