Education is the most valuable asset in today’s era. People with higher education escalate higher and higher in life. Education is the best tool to help individuals keep moving forward in their profession. Not pausing just with an undergraduate degree and pursuing higher education is a wise decision. Students who continue to pursue postgraduate courses will have better knowledge and practice in their field compared to those who stopped with undergraduate degrees. Every facet of the education sector has postgraduate courses with an exclusive curriculum that teaches advanced concepts, techniques, and methodologies in their respective fields. 

As mentioned above, the engineering field does possess a wide range of postgraduate courses for its various subsets. Master of Technology(M.Tech) is one of the postgraduate courses after B.Tech Engineering, and the M.Tech course is available for all engineering fields.

This article will provide an overview of M.Tech engineering courses available for the students’ community. 

1.What is Engineering?

Engineering is responsible for creating, designing, manufacturing, and producing modern solutions to problems and discomfort in the world. Engineering involves incorporating mathematics and science in various fields, such as designing machinery, constructing buildings, manufacturing chemical compounds, etc.

The need for new requirements and solutions increases simultaneously as the world develops. As an outcome, the demand for engineers who can come up with innovative ideas and long-lasting solutions is rising. This demand for engineers has encouraged many students to take up engineering courses. Many B.Tech Engineering courses are available in multiple colleges and universities. Following an undergraduate course, it is always a boon in career to pursue a postgraduate course, M.Tech in Engineering. Many MTech colleges in India provide M.Tech courses of international standards.

2.Know what is M.Tech:

M.Tech is a postgraduate engineering course that students can pursue after their undergraduate. This course is designed to educate students about advanced science and technology concepts that can be applied in the day to day life to develop futuristic ideas and solutions. 

M.Tech course is available for almost all engineering fields. The course curriculum is constructed to provide the students with theoretical knowledge and exposure to practical experience. Students pursuing M.Tech courses will have added advantages in their respective job sectors. Multiple companies and firms show interest in candidates with a postgraduate profile in engineering rather than undergraduates.

3.What is the eligibility for M.Tech?

Every course possesses specific eligibility criteria, and so do M.Tech courses. The eligibility criteria can vary slightly depending on different colleges, and there are certain common eligibility criteria in most MTech colleges in Jaipur.

  • The candidate who has completed a B.Tech degree with at least 50% aggregate can pursue M.Tech.
  • Students who have completed five years of science or applied science courses can pursue M.Tech.

4.M.Tech Admission Process:

The admission process for M.Tech courses differs among engineering colleges.

In certain private MTech colleges in India, admission for the course is provided based on the aggregate score in the undergraduate degree. Certain other government institutions and private institutions consider the entrance exam score of the student for merit-based admission. Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering(GATE) is the most common entrance exam considered for admission in most engineering colleges.

5.Documents required for admission:

  • 10+2 certificate
  • Graduation certificate from a recognized institute.
  • Transfer certificate
  • Entrance exam scorecard (depends on the college)

6.Different fields in M.Tech:

M.Tech course is available for most engineering fields. Specific colleges like Arya College Jaipur provide certain M.Tech courses. Here is the list of the M.Tech courses that are available in different engineering colleges:

  • M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
  • M.Tech in Structural Engineering
  • M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.Tech in Thermal Engineering
  • M.Tech in Power System Engineering
  • M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering
  • M.Tech in Automobile Engineering
  • M.Tech in Biotechnology
  • M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

7.Who should pursue M.Tech?

Multiple factors can contribute to pursuing an M.Tech, and a few of them are here:

  • Students who wish to establish a strong career in the engineering sector can pursue M.Tech.
  • Students who aspire to get placed in higher job ranks in their respective engineering fields can pursue M.Tech.
  • Students interested in learning new and advanced engineering concepts can pursue M.Tech.

8.Pursuing an M.Tech course is the right choice. Why?

Pursuing higher education in any field is always advisable. Especially in the engineering field, following a postgraduate degree is highly recommended because the undergraduate engineering course curriculum concentrates mainly on basic concepts. Pursuing M.Tech in Engineering will help the students to learn techniques and methodologies. Here are the benefits of pursuing an M.Tech course:

  • Strong core knowledge:

Pursuing M.Tech will provide strong core knowledge for the students in their respective fields. In-depth knowledge and a deep understanding of concepts are essential for emerging as a successful engineer in the future. M.Tech course curriculum is frequently updated with the latest inventions and innovations to help students fit the upgrading engineering environment.

  • Increased career opportunities:

Pursuing a postgraduate degree is always favorable as it expands the window for career opportunities. M.Tech students will have more career opportunities compared to undergraduate students. It is because of their expert knowledge with hands-on experience in their respective fields. 

  • Higher demand:

The industrial sector always requires well-experienced and expertly trained candidates for the work. Accepting this fact, the demand for M.Tech Engineering students is way higher than the undergraduate students. The thorough and updated knowledge in their field encourages the hiring entities to select them.

  • Higher pay scale jobs:

As the demand for M.Tech graduates upscales, the pay scale range of the jobs is also widened. Corporate companies and firms provide huge salaries for M.Tech graduates as they greatly support coming up with updated, feasible solutions.

  • Another door to managerial positions:

M.Tech course, in addition to educating students with engineering syllabus, also inculcates management skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, time management, and so on. It is because M.Tech graduates are usually placed in higher job positions that require both technical and managerial skills.

The engineering educational sector has developed far greater. The engineering courses are designed with international references and patterns to help students stand out in the global engineering platform. Pursuing advanced degrees such as M.Tech in the best MTech colleges in India, like Arya College Jaipur, will always benefit students.

Highly qualified faculties with advanced laboratory facilities are very important for pursuing M.Tech courses. Arya College Jaipur stands out in providing the before mentioned facilities on its campus. This college also offers world-class infrastructure, a student-friendly environment, and comfortable hostel facilities.

Students require a comfortable college environment and high-quality education to emerge with flying colors. So it is essential for students to pursue the desired course in the right college. Think about it.


  1. Does Arya College Jaipur provide placement facilities?

Yes, Arya College provides 100% placement facilities for students of all streams in their College.

  • What courses can be pursued after completion of M.Tech?

The students can pursue PhD in their respective fields after completion of M.Tech.

  • Are ME and MTech the same?

No, M.E stands for Masters of Engineering and M.Tech stands for Masters of Technology. They are different in their course modules and practical training aspects. 

  • Who are the top recruiters in the engineering sector?

Amazon, TCS, Cognizant, and L& D are some of the top recruiters in the engineering sector.