Skills You Need When Playing Roulette

Do you think that playing roulette is only based on luck? Well, you are mistaken! Sometimes, roulette games don’t just rely on luck – there are several skills you can consider while playing too! With the right skills, you’ll be able to boost your chances of winning and minimise your losses. But one thing to take note of is that you won’t be the best roulette player with just these skills alone.  If you’re not sure what are the skills you need, there are some casinos that can play Roulette which is Playtech or read below to learn more about them! 

  1. Noticing the dealer’s common moves 

There are several moves where the dealers tend to repeat the same moves. For example, certain dealers will spin the wheel and ball one way and they will repeat them all the time. This is considered as the dealer’s signature move. In fact, some dealers even try to make sure they hit a certain number.  Players are able to spot this and then try to expect where the balls will land frequently. That way, it’ll increase the chances of winning the game. 

  1. Managing money well 

This skill applies to any casino game, not just roulette. The best skill to have would be to be good at managing money. Why? Gambling is all about money – and of course, every player wants to win and gain more money, not lose money. 

The best way to manage your finances well while playing roulette would be to make sure you’re using only cash, not credit cards. It’s easy to get away with overspending when it comes to credit cards. You should always set a budget at the start as well and make sure you don’t go over the budget. 

Aside from that, another way is to set a certain limit to make sure you’re keeping tabs on your finances. That way, you won’t even have enough time to go overboard!

  1. Make use of bonuses and promotions

You should know that there are various bonuses online casinos offer to their customers. It’s good to know when and how to use them. You won’t have to fork out much of your own cash with the bonuses or deals. 

Each online casino has their own, though. For example, Winbox Malaysia offers attractive promotions every single month. Winbox also offers referral commission where when members refer others to sign up, they’ll receive a certain amount of cash. Those who register for the first time will automatically receive RM10 free credit too! These are just some examples. Either way, it’s always a good idea to know what bonuses or deals you can make use of when playing roulette.

  1. Stop playing and withdraw cash

A good roulette player knows when it’s time to stop playing! Imagine if you keep playing but all you ever end up doing is losing all your money. That’s a recipe for disaster! You will notice how players usually would not stop gambling until they have used every single last dollar. 

It might come to a point where players just end up using the same money over and over again until you run out of money in hand. What you should do instead is to know when to stop and just withdraw your earnings. You won’t encounter many losses that way. 

  1. Picking the roulette game with single zero 

By this, we mean to play a roulette game which offers a table with a single zero. In other words, choose to play European roulette instead of the other roulette variations. You stand a chance to win based on one in 37 when you place your chip on one single number while playing European roulette. 

The reason why single zero would be better is because the payouts are the same as if you were to play double zero. Then, the players will have better odds despite the fact that European roulette offers a much higher minimum. 


However, one thing’s for sure, you can’t guarantee that these skills help you to gain a profit in every game. By making sure you have these skills, you’ll just get better at playing the game and increase your chances at winning. To be frank, the best way to win roulette games would be to have a combination of both luck and skills.