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Why invest in real estate by the sea in Side, Turkey

Des: Why invest in real estate by the sea in Side, Turkey. Specifics of Side. It’s location and main sights. Why is is profitable to invest in property in Side.

Why invest in real estate by the sea in Side, Turkey

Side is one of the most popular areas in Turkey. Here you will find wonderful beaches, excellent infrastructure, and many attractions. One of the main advantages of real estate in Side is the location of this city. After all, it is located only 60 km from the world-famous Antalya. Thanks to this, the airport of this city is perfect for those who want to buy a house in Side. If you want to have a look at the apartments for sale in Mersin, Izmir, Antalya, or any other region of Turkey, then go over to the Turk.Estate website.

Sights of Side

Since Side is located at the extreme point of the peninsula, it sort of divides it into two parts – western and eastern. 

  • The western part is more developed. Here you will be offered real estate in Turkey by the sea in the villages of Colakli, Evrenseki, and Kumköy. 
  • The infrastructure of the western part of the peninsula is developed no worse, but it is less crowded. This is mainly due to the large distance from the airport. Perhaps that is why the districts of Sorgun, Titriyengol, and Kyzylaach are slightly less popular.

By the way, shopping in this city is what makes it super special. Numerous vacatio carpets here, since the prices are among the lowest in Turkey. In this case, the choice is simply huge. All this makes Sners advise acquiring gold items andide an attractive option to invest in real estate.

Location of Side

Real estate in Turkey by the sea but the location near a large resort town is far from the most important component of Side’s popularity. After all, the city itself is a well-known resort and is quite famous. It is located on a peninsula protruding into the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to this, there is a simply huge number of beaches for every taste. There are the most positive reviews for buying real estate in Turkey in this city, and here’s why:

  1. First of all, it is of course the cost of such real estate. After all, real estate in Side is much cheaper than mmunal and everyday problems. After all, both in the city itself and its environs there are many shops and supermarkin Antalya. 
  2. At the same time, the location of the city allows you to visit the “pearl” of Turkey without any problems. Moreover, the developed infrastructure allows you to forget about any coets for every taste. 
  3. In addition, the entertainment infrastructure here is also quite well developed and in the evening you will have to choose an institution that you like today.

We mentioned the surroundings for a reason. After all, most of the new real estate in Turkey by the sea is offered in the vicinity of Side. The city itself is, in fact, a large historical monument, and finding a place for construction here is quite problematic. The only exception is only the secondary market. But if you want to have apartments in Turkey closer to the sea, you should choose a suburb. And do not think that these will be seedy villages. Anyway, the entire coast is quite densely built up and many five-star hotels are the best confirmation of this.

Real estate in Turkey

Real estate transactions in Turkey are quite specific, so even experienced investors do not dare to close transactions on a foreign market without the support of professionals. There is nothing to say about newcomers. Contact Turk.Estate specialists! They will provide advice and help to successfully complete the purchase and sale transaction.