Why Choose European Oak Flooring For Durability And Quality?

European oak, as the name implies, is oak from any of the European nations. With the added benefit of not having to fly halfway across the world to get to the UK, it’s easy to understand why European oak is a popular option. Many people believe that European oak flooring is too expensive since it is a very hard-wearing wood, but this is not the case. European oak-engineered timber flooring is one of the personal favourites of people in Australia, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

It’s Contemporary And Fashionable

Oak floors are one of the most widely sought-after flooring alternatives available today, and it is simple to see why this is the case. If you choose the proper kind of wood flooring, it will not only make your house seem more beautiful, but it also has the potential to increase both its worth and its appeal. This is one of the many advantages that engineered timber flooring has over other types of flooring, such as carpeting or tiles.

It’s Easy To Clean And Maintain 

European oak flooring renovations VC is one of the easiest types of hardwood flooring to clean and maintain, much like the majority of other types of hardwood flooring options. To keep the dust and filth away, all you have to do is give it a quick vacuuming and a light mopping on a regular basis.

It’s Long-Lasting

Because of its long history of association with sturdiness and perseverance, the oak tree is often used as a symbol for qualities such as these in the design of corporate logos. Therefore, if you have a home that sees a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis, then engineered European oak flooring is an excellent option for you to consider.

It’s Available In A Variety Of Finishes

You have the option of choosing a solution that is finished with UV lacquer, a very natural finish that is brushed and UV oiled, or even one that is left unfinished. All of these options are available to you. There are companies that can provide you with hundreds of alternatives for oak-engineered timber flooring, all of which are ready to be delivered to your door so that you may continue working on your project.

You May Choose The Category That Best Suits Your Needs

When timber is cut from trees, the wood is graded on a scale that goes from prime grade, which is the highest, to rustic grade, which is the lowest. Having said that, top and bottom do not indicate the finest and worst—just the contrary. A rustic European wood floor like this may look gorgeous and is a fairly affordable alternative.

It’s Available In A Range Of Colours

With engineered European oak flooring, you can have whatever colour floor you desire, from pitch-black to stark white to any shade in between. This is because the flooring is milled from real oak. Because it is available in such a wide range of colours, from black as night to white as snow, with a variety of neutral and earthy tones in between, you may be certain that there is an answer to your specific problem.

It’s Appropriate For Every Room In The House

The fact that engineered timber flooring may be installed in any area of the house is among its many desirable characteristics. If you decide to go with this option, there is nothing that may prevent you from redoing the flooring in any area of your home, including the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom. Because of the way it is constructed, engineered timber flooring can withstand the moisture and temperature variations that are common in bathrooms and kitchens. These factors, which would typically cause solid wood flooring to get damaged, do not affect engineered wood flooring.

It Can Be Installed Over Underfloor Heating

The fact that engineered flooring made of European oak may be installed over under-floor heating is an additional advantage of this kind of flooring (choose an option intended for such installation). This indicates that you do not need to make any sacrifices in terms of design or good appearance, even if you have underfloor heating.

If It Begins To Seem Worn, You May Re-Sand And Re-Finish It

How many types of flooring can be refinished such that they appear like new several times during their lifetime? Although carpets may be cleaned, their old and exhausted appearance is inevitable. It’s like magic that an engineered floor made from European oak can be sanded and refinished to seem like it was just installed.


European oak-engineered wood flooring is becoming a popular alternative to conventional hardwood floors for several reasons. Engineered wood made from European oak is both economical and environmentally friendly since less of the original hardwood is used. Moreover, it is long-lasting and simple to set up. When compared to solid hardwood, the long-term cost of maintaining and replacing an engineered hardwood floor is lower since it can be cemented directly into a concrete subfloor and can sustain the heaviest and most abusive foot activity.