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Why Are Online Casinos Becoming So Popular?

Everybody loves a little flutter and bet every now and again and with the use of online casinos it has never been easier.?

Back in the olden days, to place a bet you would need to physically enter a betting shop, bookmaker or casino to put your bet on.

But now with the advancements of the internet and mobile phones, everything you need to place a bet is right at your fingertips so it has never been easier or quicker to win yourself some extra money.

The History Of Online Casinos

The first ever online casinos was available way back in 1994, but didn’t really gain popularity until the late 90s with a jump from fifteen online casinos websites in 1996 to over two hundred in 1997 which is quite a jump in such a short amount of time. visit

By 1998 online gambling revenue had exceeded $830 million in just that one year, so we are talking large sums of money. To date the revenue earned by online casinos is more than fifty seven billion U.S dollars.?

Why Online Casinos So Popular?

Among one of the many reasons using an online casino has become so popular, are the amount of games and bets available online.?

Whereas in an actual physical casino, they are limited to the amount of available games and slots they have at there due to the size of their buildings, with an online casino the options can be limitless as they will never run out of space.

Another reason is their accessibility, with online casinos you can place a bet whenever you feel like it as all you will need is a good internet connection and a computer, laptop or a mobile phone. It makes it so much easier to have a little gamble compared to having to go to a casino.

Are They Safe To Use?

As long as you are using an online casino that follows all legalization within the country you are based, and they are a legit website and business then using an online casino is perfectly safe.?

There are however, like with a lot of online businesses, some fraudulent websites, so you need to keep your wits about you when choosing where to gamble your money. If an online casinos website looks a bit suspect or dodgy then its best to try another website. It’s also a good idea to do a little research on the online casino before gambling with them if you are unsure of how safe they are to use.?

Can You Really Win Big With Online Casinos?

Your chances of winning big using an online casino will be exactly the same as in a physical one. You will need some luck on your side as the house will always have a slight advantage but that doesn’t mean you cannot or can’t win big with your betting.

Alongside luck, it also helps if you have a basic understanding of the casino game you decide to play. So before risking any actual money try the free versions that most online casinos offer on their websites until you are feeling comfortable with how the games are played.

Although the traditional casino games like poker, roulette and black jack will have the same basic rules on all online casinos, sometimes they may have additional rules or ways to win so things may differ slightly from one online casino to another. But if you have a basic understanding of how to play, that should stand you in good stead.

Sports Betting

Many, although not all online casinos will also have alongside casino games to bet on, sport betting, where you are able to make bets on various sporting games and matches.

Again, using an online casino for these types of bets is so much easier than having to find a bookmaker in your area to place the bet. So, if you fancy Manchester United winning their next football game, you just need to log onto your chosen online casino and place the bet, it’s as simple as that.

The beauty with online casinos that offers sports betting is the wide variety of sports they cover. As well as all the main sports such as football, basketball, rugby you can also find a wide range of other sports to place bets on including formula one, snooker and darts.?

So you will never run out of sports that are taking place to win yourself some money with.

Bonuses And Prizes

Another great thing with using online casinos for your betting needs, is the wide range of extra bonuses and prizes you can find with them. Many online casinos offer a bonus as soon as you sign up with them, for example you may receive extra credit to use on your first bets. This is an incentive from them to entice you to their website.

But you can use this to advantage as often this means your first bets using their website will be free. So you can instantly start making money without even using your deposited money. So use them free bets wisely.

The more you use an online casino for more offers and prizes they will give you, again to try and entice you to keep using their service. These may include extra spins on slots, better odds with sports betting and so on. So it’s really a good idea to keep using your chosen online casino to open up all these extra offers.

To Summarise

Using online casinos for your betting needs has never been easier or simpler, and with so many more online casinos websites being created, the options you have are endless so what are you waiting for, your fortunes could be just round the corner.

Do remember though that betting can become addictive, so always take plenty of breaks and only bet what you can afford to lose. Should you start betting and losing too much money then it is time to walk away.