What To Do If You Get Injured While On A Work Trip

Many people are traveling for work regularly. Whether it?s domestic or international travel, the possibility of getting injured while on a work trip is high. You may be wondering what steps to take when you sustained injuries. As you may know, you can be eligible to file a workers? compensation claim to get some benefits. This blog will tell you What To Do If You Get Injured While On A Work Trip.

To make sure you?re prepared for this incident, below are the things you should do in case you get injured while you?re on a work trip:

  1. Seek Medical Attention Right Away

If you believe your injuries were serious, don?t hesitate to call the local emergency services of the place you?re traveling for work. Doing this can make sure your injuries are treated to avoid further problems. Moreover, even if you think your injuries weren?t bad at all, you should still get yourself checked by a reliable physician. That?s because some types of trauma to any part of your body, including the head, chest, neck, back, and others come with delayed symptoms.?

As such, it?s important to seek medical help right away to ensure your health. Also, to make sure your injuries are properly accounted for, don?t forget to inform your attending physician that you sustained injuries during your work trip.?

  1. Consult A Lawyer

Another thing you should do if you get injured on a work trip is to speak to a legal professional. An experienced personal injury lawyer from reputable law firms like Fasig & Brooks Law Firm and others may assess what happened and provide you with valuable legal advice on the matter. They may advise you to file a workers? compensation claim as long as you meet all the requirements provided by your state law. It?s a form of insurance providing injured or sick employees in the course of work some medical and wage replacement benefits.

But to better understand this situation, lawyers may give you an idea about the different activities that are covered and not covered by the insurance program. These are the following:

  • Injuries sustained while having dinner for personal reasons and beyond the usual work hours aren?t covered.
  • Injuries sustained while taking a side trip on your own aren?t also covered.?
  • Injuries suffered while staying in a hotel for work-related reasons are covered.?
  • Injuries sustained while having dinner with clients for a business meeting are covered.?
  • Injuries suffered while traveling for business may also be covered. These can include driving, flying, taking a ferry, and many more.

However, if the circumstances of the case will tell that your injuries were the result of the other party?s negligence, lawyers may recommend filing a personal injury lawsuit claim against the at-fault party. But if you choose to enforce your right to sue, you?ll be waiving your right to recover compensation under the workers? compensation insurance program.?

  1. Reach Out To Your Employer

It?s also essential you get in touch with your employer when you?re injured while on a work trip. Even if you?re miles away from the office, notifying your employer about what happened is also an important requirement for the filing of a workers? compensation claim and other types of insurance coverage most businesses need.?

So, to ensure your claim is valid, contact your employer as soon as you can to inform them about what happened.

  1. File An Incident Report

Although the requirements for filing a workers? compensation claim vary from one state to another, most states require you to report the incident to the designated persons or entities. This reporting requirement is necessary to ensure you have proof of what happened to support your claim. Hence, if you?ve been injured while on a work trip, you should know how and where to file an incident report.?

For example, if you’re involved in a car crash while taking on a work-related trip, you should call the local police and report the accident so they can create a police report. If you had a business lunch with your clients and you got sick due to the food being served there, you should call the attention of the restaurant manager and report what happened. If you’re involved in a slip and fall accident in the hotel you?re staying in while on a work trip, be sure to notify the management as soon as possible.?

With the examples mentioned above, what?s clear is you should file the incident report with the party who’s in authority. By doing this, you?ll not be the only one who knows the incident.?

  1. Gather Evidence

To improve your chances of getting your workers? compensation claim approved, you must collect pieces of evidence to support your case, especially when you’re required to submit some documentation. This means taking as many photos and videos as you can of the incident scene.?

Gather documentation to prove injuries or damages. For example, if you?re involved in a car accident while on a work trip, be sure to get the essential information of the other party, witnesses involved, and other related information.?

Bottom Line

Injuries may happen if you?re on a work-related trip. Because of this, it?s important that you know what to do when an unfortunate incident happens to you while you?re miles away from the office. By keeping these things in mind, you can rest knowing your rights to receive compensation will be protected from start to finish.?