What games can I play online?

What do you think when you hear playing online? Do you think of casino games as slot machines, do you think of table games like poker, do you think of MMORPG video games? Whatever it is that falls into your head, it is likely that you will be able to play it online somewhere. With the internet, the notion that “it is only your imagination that limits you” has really become a true statement. But if you have landed on our pages with the question of which games can I play online formulated in your head then there are probably casino games you prefer to have in mind so that is the part of the games range we are going to look at.

Play slots at casino online

If we start with what is often the new casino player’s angle and also the most popular games you can play at casino online then there are slot machines. But slot machines are also a collective term that has many subcategories. They can, for example, be divided into categories such as: Classic, video vending machines, jackpots etc. These are the simple type slot machines, often with fruit, bar and numbers. The fact that the classics are simple does not mean that they cannot have bonus games and that you cannot win big prizes, because you absolutely can.

The more modern editions, the ones we see most today, are often referred to as video vending machines. Although really all the slot machines on the net are video slots. Within this category we find many popular games. Many games are both video slots or classic slots in addition to being jackpot slots. A jackpot vending machine is characterized by having a built-in jackpot prize. A jackpot prize is nothing more than an extra large prize. In some cases it is fixed in other cases it is progressive. The latter means that the jackpot is built up and gets bigger for each player who makes a bet in the game.

Table games like video games

What games can I play in?say OnlineCasinos? Most people have grown up with movies where table games such as poker, roulette and dice games have had a central place. Some sort of encounter with the casino in the movie world that most of us have had. In the film, it is primarily the table games we see. They are the most glamorous games, but if you are like me then you get a little nervous about playing something that you do not feel completely dominating, so it is nice that there are great video games with table games such as blackjack, roulette, dice and many others. There you can get acquainted with the game before you sit down at a table in the casino’s live casino section. The casinos we watch in modern movies are often glamorous and ladies dress in great dresses and jewelery and men often wear suits or even tuxedos. Of course, this is not the case at the live casino, although there is nothing to stop you from dressing nicely if you want to. I remember the story of an old lady who used to dress up to watch her favorite soap opera, so why not, somehow.

Bingo and Keno

Who hasn’t played bingo at some point? Whether it was organized and for the income of the local sports team or other local teams. Many cities around the country also have bingo halls and the like, where you can have a waffle and a cup of coffee while you play. So bingo, it’s something we all know. So if you fancy playing some board bingo but don’t have the opportunity to play it locally or maybe you simply don’t want to get up off the couch, then you can actually play bingo, or at least the bingo-like one the Keno game at many of the most popular and well-known casinos on the web.

Arcade Games

Some casinos also have arcade games in the portfolio. What really characterizes an arcade game is not easy to say, because they are often defined as games that are placed in public places, but that is not the case when offered through casino online.


Who hasn’t thrown a scratch card at the grocery store or at the kiosk.

So what do you want to find most about the large selection of new online casinos? Some trends stand out. Live casino is one of the categories that is becoming more and more popular, but slot machines are still clearly at the top. In the beginning, it is wise to take advantage of all the opportunities to play with free spins and get a sense of what type of gaming site is right for you. Play as much as you can in this phase.