What Are The Differences Between Chinese Slots And Regular Ones?

Slots are without a doubt one of the most popular games in both online and land-based casinos. Over the years, the simplicity of the slot games along with the chance to win huge payouts made them one of the most played games in the world.

The slot machine history goes way back, and throughout its history slots have evolved into being more engaging, entertaining, and user-experience-focused. Nowadays, there are thousands of different game variations that are tied to specific regions or types of games.

So what is the difference between Chinese slots and regular slots? Find out what are the main differences among them below.

What Makes Chines Slots Unique?

Theme and Design

According to Hoop Casino, design and style are two key distinctions between Chinese slots and traditional slots. Chinese slots frequently have Asian-themed images and symbols like dragons, lanterns, and lucky charms. Contrarily, regular slots may contain a number of themes, including fruits, sports, movies, and more.

In addition to the subject, Chinese slots frequently have more intricate and ornate designs than ordinary slots. Chinese slots may have complex visuals and vibrant designs, whilst standard slots may have simpler images and a simpler layout.

Bonus Features

Chinese slots in most cases contain distinctive bonus features that are absent from other slots. So what are these features which are normally not present in the most common slots?

For instance, Chinese slots might offer a “choose a prize” function that allows players to select from a number of hidden prizes or a “mystery multiplier” feature that increases the payout by a chance multiplier. 

More conventional bonus elements, such as free spins or bonus rounds, for example, that are triggered by particular symbols, may be present in regular slots.

Symbols and Payouts

The symbols and payouts on Chinese slots are also different from those on conventional slots. How are these symbols different?

Well, Chinese slots frequently use culturally distinctive symbols, such as fortunate coins, pagodas, and Chinese characters. Symbols in regular slots can include things like fruit, diamonds, and BAR symbols, as well as thematic icons from series, movies or cartoons.

Chinese slots may offer different payouts than standard slots normally offer to the players. While standard slots may have more conventional symbols that only pay out when they occur in a specified combination on the reels, Chinese slots may contain special symbols that launch bonus rounds or additional rewards.


The amount of jackpots is another feature that makes Chinese slots unique. Chinese slots in most cases have bigger prizes because they are popular in the Asian market where the competition is fierce. Despite the recent persecution of China for casinos and gambling, there are plenty of gambling dens in the country, especially in Macao which is considered the Asian Las Vegas. 

Regular slots could feature smaller jackpots due to fewer players. However, both varieties of slots could have progressive jackpots, which have a chance to get very big and are brought about by a particular set of symbols on the reels.


The gameplay is one way that Chinese slots differ from traditional slots. Chinese slots could contain special gaming elements that are absent from conventional slots. 

For example, certain Chinese slots may contain a “reel respin” option that allows players to spin specific reels once again in an effort to hit a winning combination or a “mystery symbol” feature that allows some symbols to change into other symbols to produce winning combinations.

More conventional gameplay elements found in regular slots include reels that spin and matching symbols to receive prizes. So there are plenty of reasons to dig into Chinese slots than you probably were expecting!

Betting Options

The different betting options between Chinese and conventional slots are also worth noting, so take a look at what we have to show you. 

To satisfy a variety of player preferences and spending limits, Chinese slots might have a greater selection of betting alternatives. How so?

Chinese slots, for instance, can offer a variety of currency values and allow players to wager over numerous paylines. 

Regular slots might simply offer one payline to bet on and have fewer betting options. So, in the end, Chinese slots can be more profitable and give you more freedom as a player.

Final Words

So, at the surface, Chinese slots won’t look any different except for the theme and design compared to traditional slots, but there are actually quite a few differences as we mentioned.

The different slot designs and structures have a lot to do with the Asian market, which is pretty competitive, and the culture in that region. So, they are a fun past-time for anyone who enjoys playing slot machines but is also passionate about other countries’ cultures and getting to know the symbols that are important in the Chinese diaspora.