Essential Weed Accessories Every Stoner

Most Essential Weed Accessories Every Stoner Needs

A number of new gadgets and tools are dropping in the market almost every day. These weed accessories help you get you high faster and promise higher efficiency

Has?smoking weed?become complicated? No. These tools or accessories are introduced to enrich your stoning periods with fun and ease. Stay relaxed as we bring you a curated list of gadgets and accessories for an enhanced smoking session!

Weed Accessories: Grinder

This is an absolute necessity to keep within your hand?s reach. It consistently dices up your weed into a bong, bowl or a joint and saves you time and effort.?

Air Tight Container

Good quality weed is precious and the quality storage of bulk weed?is of crucial importance (visit?Kootenay Botanicals?to order high-quality cannabis products). While some try socks and Tupperware boxes, nothing beats an airtight container. Keeping your weed in a hermetic jar is vital to preserve the smell and freshness.

Multi Tool Lighter Weed Accessories

Having a lighter in your pocket or at home always comes handy. There is a variety of lighters available in the market, including multi-tool ones. Professional stoners carry new-age lighters that come along with several other tools like wicks, steel pokers, tampers etc.?

Multi Tool Lighter Weed Accessories

Ash Tray

A no-brainer! It is essential for any conscious indoor smoker to use an ash tray while smoking and keep the house clean. Ash trays that come with lids are underrated. They contain the smell and provide immediate discretion if somebody less tolerant to stash comes to visit.??

Rolling Tray

A cool rolling tray for rolling blunts and joints also comes handy. It can aid you in containing the mess and eases rolling the weed. Use a rolling tray to keep all your stash in one place and avoid any spillage. It is easy to keep your apartment and your gear clean with this.

Joint Filter Tips

There is nothing nastier than rolling your perfect joint and realizing that you forgot the filter. Joint filter tips keep your joint together and also supply a better airflow through your joints. If you are about to roll your joint up, do not forget to keep these filter tips at your hand?s reach.?

Roach Killer

These tiny little cuties help you smoke your joint till the last bit. Get yourself a roach killer to stay away from burnt fingers every time you smoke a joint. A burnt finger not only hurts but also ruins the fun of smoking weed.?

Joint Roller

Not all of us can roll a joint perfectly! Joint rollers are designed to help you with just that. You can use them to roll your joints properly and flaunt a perfect roll in front of your friends.?

Joint Mixer

Usually, when you smoke weed you would use tobacco to make it last longer and be a bit less potent. If you don?t like the smell of it, or are concerned about the health issues it brings, there are many tobacco alternatives for joints you could try.


  • If you’re tired of uncertainties when purchasing weed, consider buying a weed scale. By investing in a reliable and accurate scale, you can ensure that you’re getting the right amount of weed and paying the appropriate price. It’s a convenient tool for those who prefer to buy weed online or from various sources, providing peace of mind and transparency in your transactions.


Many scales come in small sizes as well, ensuring that they can fit easily in your pocket. Some of the scales are also manufactured in such undistinguishable forms that nobody will want to open and pow!

Dab Tool Weed Accessories

A dab scooper is crucial for all the dabbers out there. It will help you scoop out the oil before you destroy any more of your pen and pencil supplies to do the same.

These dabbing accessories are available in 2 kinds of builds – glass and metal. However, the most popular of them come as a combination tool with a carb cap and an extended handle on each of the ends.??


This is another specialized tool for the dabbers. Lights do not burn well enough for the concentrates. Hence, it is prudent to invest in a good blowtorch for a seamless experience.?

Pipe Screens

These screens help you prevent the weed from leaving a burning sensation in your throat. Metal pipe screens cause a change of taste which comes from the fumes they emit when heated. Glass pipe screens are thus a safer option.?

Pipe Cleaner

Bowls and bongs usually get dirty with usage. Every once in a while, take out some time to get the grime off by cleaning them with a pipe cleaner.?

Weed Accessories: Air Filter

Made for the secret smokers, these filters protect the smoke from spreading all over your house. Instead, blow through an air filter, and leave the smell behind.?