Vape Like A Pro

Vaping 101 How To Vape Like A Pro

It?s very okay for regular vapers to desire a more exciting vape experience. After all, why should you limit yourself to the same inhale-exhale routine day in and day out??It?s time to elevate your vaping to the pro level like you see them do in vaping competitions. Something for which you can find the answers on? Again, when you’re getting started on vaping, the best thing you can do is research and compare before taking a kit home.Here are some incredible tips to vape like a pro to challenge even the most seasoned of pros:

  • Go For High Quality E-Juice

Perhaps you better know it as e-liquid. They?re one and the same thing. You don?t want your vaping hobby to land you in the hospital because of using low-quality e-liquid.

Don?t let the relatively low prices fool you. They?re priced that cheaply because the ingredients used for their manufacture are less pure. The resulting products give you a dry mouth, scratchy throat, unpleasant chemical aftertaste, and sometimes life-threatening lung complications

So opt for high-quality e-liquids produced and distributed by trusted and licensed vape stores like Vape and Juice. These have food-grade ingredients and medical-grade nicotine. This way, your vaping becomes more risk-free.

  • Invest In High-Quality Vaping Kits

Pro vaping starts with having the right vape kits. Here are some of the most critical things you should have in your kit:

  • Vaping Devices

These are the battery-operated devices that enable you to vaporize your e-juice and inhale the vapor.

Though they take different forms such as pipes, cigars, pens, and USB sticks, they all operate in more or less the same manner. So it?s up to you to choose the design and appearance that fits your style.

You?re certainly likely to feel overwhelmed by the numerous choices available, given that there are currently more than 460 brands in the market. Consider trying one vape device after the other until you settle on the type you want.

  • Batteries

Vape devices come with either built-in or removable batteries. For those with built-in batteries, make sure you charge the batteries regularly so you don?t run out of power, especially when travelling. Otherwise, for those with removable batteries, you may want to stock a couple of good-quality spare batteries.

  • Coils:

If you use a vape tank, note that it won?t perform optimally forever. There?ll come a time when the vape flavor won?t be as intense as it used to be or you start noticing that burnt taste. When you get to this point, you can choose to purchase another vape device or simply replace the coil inside. Make sure to source the coil from a reputable store and make sure you get one that?s compatible with the tank.

Remember, having such a complete vaping kit guarantees you a seamless vaping experience.

  • Explore Different Flavors

Frankly, there are so many vape flavors out there competing for your attention. However, note that all those fancy flavors can be categorized into 10 main flavor profiles, namely:

  • Tobacco flavor
  • Cooling flavor
  • Fruit flavor
  • Dessert flavor
  • Donut flavor
  • Cereal flavor
  • Coffee flavor
  • Menthol flavor
  • Nicotine salts flavor
  • Candy flavor

Settling on a particular flavor is as hard as you can imagine. So try as many flavors as you wish to. You could even combine flavors to get a different sensation. If you ve the money to spare, you could even buy several vape devices, each for a particular flavor. This saves you from the need to wash your vape tank or pods every time you want to switch flavors.

In case you dwell on one flavor for so long, a time may come when you no longer feel the taste like you used to. Experts call this ?vaper?s tongue.? It?s common among vapers, so there?s no need to worry. All you need to do is switch to a different flavor for some time before going back to your favorite one.

  • Try Exciting Vaping Tricks

You watch the pros on vaping tournaments create fascinating clouds of smoke. You too can try such tricks even though you?re not competing with anyone. Here are some popular vaping tricks you may want to try:

  • O-Ring: This involves blowing out circle-shaped vape smoke. You can quickly follow it up with additional O-rings or other puffs into the initial O-ring.
  • Irish Waterfall: This is also known as the French inhale trick. It involves blowing the vapor slowly out of your mouth and subsequently inhaling it through your nostrils. You?ll really look cool doing so. Vaping fans will admire you.
  • The Dragon: This vaping trick involves blowing out two streams of vapor from the corners of your mouth so you look like dragons straight out of myths and legends.

The list doesn?t end here. Feel free to explore even more tricks your friends use know of. Creating shapes from clouds of vapor make vaping fun!

  • Shake Well Before Use

That statement might sound like something you?d read or hear off a commercial, but this also applies to vaping. Vape juice might seem straightforward, but it?s actually a complex mixture that?s comprised of four ingredients:

  • Nicotine (though you can choose e-juices with zero nicotine)
  • Flavor additives
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene glycol (PG)

PG is responsible for the strong throat hit and pure flavor taste. VG, on the other hand, makes voluminous vapors, or ?fat rips,? as most pros say. Most e-liquids combine these two ingredients but in different proportions.

PG is usually thinner than VG. This means that both liquids settle in layers. Therefore, when you take your vape device after lying untouched for some time and not shaken well, you?re likely to vaporize an insufficiently mixed solution. You won?t like the taste, and the clouds you produce might come out disappointing. So make it a habit of thoroughly mixing the solution before you start vaping.

  • Treat It Like Wine

As they say, ?Wine gets better with age.? Similarly, the flavors in vape juice tend to marinate with the other ingredients when stored in a dark room over time. The resulting mixture might come out tastier and more satisfying.?

Try this trick whenever you feel like the e-juice you just bought isn?t as flavorful as it should be. Let it sit in the dark for about one or two weeks for best results.


You?re now on the right track to vaping like a pro. Though this list isn?t encyclopedic, at least it?s a one step closer toward the world of pro vaping. Start with these tips, and as you improve your skills and know-how, you?ll improve your vaping experience.