Sports Fans

Top 7 Things That Sports Fans Can Spend Time Doing

The pandemic has taken away quite a few ways in which sports fans could spend their time. The stadiums and local bars alike were forced to close their doors, preventing thousands of sports fans worldwide from doing what they love most.

If you are a bored sports fan looking for entertainment, then you are in the right place! In this article, you will find a list of things that you can do to pass the time in a very enjoyable way, ranging from online betting and writing a sports blog to finding a sports podcast to listen to, playing sports video games, and binging sports movies. Check it out!

Start a Sports Blog

Writing a sports blog has become a common hobby of many sports fans, as you can make money off of it in the long run. You can share your predictions, stats, and insights about your favorite teams, leagues, players, and games. If you are a passionate sports fan, and you have always considered yourself to be a decent writer, then you might hit a jackpot with this idea.

Bet on Sports Online

Betting on sports online can be another fun way to pass the time. You can watch sports on your computer or mobile device while betting on them at the same time. There are many different websites that offer this service, however, finding reliable ones might be quite a challenging task – if you aren?t sure where to start your journey with online betting, you can check out Betsquare’s website. If you think that you know a lot about sports, then why not use this knowledge to make some money?

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are audio/video shows that you can download onto your mobile devices and listen to as you please. Sports podcasts allow you to do two things at once: listen to your favorite topics while at work or driving your car and pass the time with others who love what you love most! There are many great podcasts out there that cover everyone’s favorite topics and subjects; check out this list for some ideas that we recommend!

Watch Sports Movies

Sports fans around the world have their own opinions on some of the most popular sports movies, such as “42”, “Moneyball”, “Hoosiers”, and “Miracle”. Why are they so popular?

One of the primary reasons is that they allow us to live vicariously through their experiences without having the skills necessary to find ourselves in similar situations. There are many great movies that feature sports as their main topic, ranging from dramas to comedies to documentaries about specific teams and games.?

Make Plans to Watch Big Sports Events

If you weren’t able to watch the Super Bowl or World Cup live, then you should definitely make plans to watch them on TV next time they come around! These and many other popular sporting events are always coming up, so plan ahead in order to be able to see them.

Make an Outline of Your Favorite Team’s History

If you love a particular team, then you are probably aware of how many championships they have won, their best players, and everything in-between. One thing that will help pass the time is making an outline of your favorite team’s history. This will help keep your mind active, while also making you more knowledgeable about the team’s accomplishments. If you have decided to run a blog about sports as well, you could share your project on your website. This way, you could help fellow fans learn more about the team you all love.

Collect sports memorabilia

Collecting sports memorabilia is a great way to pass the time. Your friends who are fans of the same teams are going to love your little (or not so little!) collection! There are tons of sports memorabilia available for you to collect, ranging from autographed jerseys and baseballs to autographed helmets and photos. If you have always wanted to own a piece of sports history, then you might want to consider choosing this idea from our list.?


If you consider yourself a fan of sports, then you can certainly agree that watching your favorite team play live is absolutely amazing; however, even in times not troubled with a pandemic, you can watch the players you admire only so often – after all, they don?t play every day.?

However, if your passion for sports runs deep, you might want to discover activities that might not be the same as watching your favorite team live, but at least, close to it. Depending on your personality and preferences, you might decide to start collecting sports memorabilia, or perhaps, writing a sports blog. We should also mention that some of the examples listed in our articles can help you make some money on the side.