Start Youtube Gaming Channel

How To Start A Youtube Gaming Channel?

Gaming is a competitive YouTube niche, and thus, starting a gaming channel is not an easy feat. Millions of people around the world enjoy playing video games which naturally leads to cut-throat competition.?

While some famous creators already dominate the space with billions of views and millions of followers, it makes it challenging for new creators to cut through the noise on YouTube.?

But that doesn?t mean it?s impossible. The competition is stiff, but still, there is room for new creators to grow a successful channel. All it takes are some winning tips to set your channel up for success.?

Here, we have put together the essential practices that can help you unlock your YouTube gaming channel.?

1. Focus on one game to grow

While it?s tempting to play every game you own, it?s always a good idea to focus on one to grow your YouTube gaming channel. Although YouTube?s algorithm is too sophisticated, it seems to reward a simple content strategy.?

If it knows that you are a gaming creator and upload videos related to any specific game, say Minecraft, it?ll have no problem recommending your videos to like-minded viewers, irrespective of your followers, views, or any other factor.?

Playing just one game satisfies the YouTube algorithm, allowing your gaming channel to grow. Well, this does not mean that you cannot play other games. Play one game for the bulk of your content and opt for another during a weekly Livestream to strike a balance between your passion and profession.?

2. Start with the right software.

The right software is all you need to create a YouTube gaming channel. Choose the best games video editor to cut short the unnecessary elements from the video and give it a final touch. Having over-the-top video editing software is not a luxury but a necessity to keep up with the competition.

The internet is flooded with software that can serve your purpose, but you should go for the one that syncs with your requirements. If you are a beginner and don?t want to splurge, try the InVideo app and use thousands of readymade templates to produce quality work.?

Keep in mind that YouTube videos are not just about the good content but incredible edits as well. Editing holds great significance and usually decides the future of your channel.?

3. Consistency is the key.

Starting a YouTube channel is not a big deal. The major challenge lies in posting videos consistently. Honestly speaking, thousands of new gaming video creators join the YouTube platform every day, and it takes a few seconds for the viewers to make a switch.?

If you genuinely want to establish yourself as a YouTuber, you need to be consistent with your work.?

Posting videos once in a while generally compromises the audience?s loyalty, and they start browsing other channels to resolve their query or gaming troubles.?

YouTube is good at serving content to the right audience. Therefore, aim to post one video each week, and it will surely reap good results. As you continue to make videos, the overall quality will increase, and more people will start noticing your efforts.?

Viewers love consistency. Stick to a particular schedule and notify your audience when the next video will be coming out. It adds excitement and prompts the audience to subscribe to your channel.?

However, never follow the posting schedule of the professional and pre-established video creators. Go slow, have patience, keep your expectations low initially, and be consistent to attract the viewers.?

4. Join an online video community to find ideas

Video creators, be it gaming or any other niche, usually run short of ideas just after a couple of weeks. This is the most challenging phase for a Youtuber and needs to be handled with smartness.?

To deal with this, you can join the online video community to get some new ideas. Also, you must keep yourself updated about competitors and check what they are posting.?

However, you don?t have to copy the whole content or idea of other creators. Instead, take inspiration and add your creativity for better results.?

5. Don?t forget to create enticing thumbnails and titles for your gaming videos.

Thumbnails and video titles are indeed something that brings in more viewers to your channel. They just make the videos more clickable and convince people to tap on your content. Hence, these should be optimized 100% of the time.?

Have you ever thought about how these professional video creators gained billions of subscribers? Where do these millions of views come from? Optimization of video title and thumbnail is the key.?

This title isn?t just added for display, and it can somewhat help you climb YouTube search results. When people search for specific key phrases and many videos appear on their screen, they usually click one. Now, if your video contains that keyword, it will be on their list, increasing the chances of being clicked.?

Adding click-worthy titles to your video takes you one step closer to success. But appearing at the top wins half the battle as you need enticing thumbnails to reach the finish line. For this, keep your graphics attention-grabbing but straightforward so that viewers can understand and give it a click.?

6. Share videos through the social network

There is no point in investing in the best-quality content and top-grade games video editor without attracting an audience. Therefore, don?t forget to share your videos through all the social networks you are currently using.?

When you link your video to the social network, you indirectly enable your viewers to share that video with their near and dear ones, resulting in more views. Also, be active on your social media accounts and update your followers about the next video.?


This is all about the guide to start a YouTube gaming channel. We hope this will assist you in achieving success. If you want to step up your YouTube game, take all these practices to heart and follow them religiously. This may sound like a lot of work, but this hardship is worth it and will surely pay off. Give your channel a strong focus and head straight to success.?

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