Top 5 Manufacturers of Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers in the World

Vacuum mixer homogenizers are a type of equipment aimed at creating a consistent and uniform solution by mixing two different materials or ingredients.

These ingredients might be of different sizes, compositions, or phases, but a vacuum mixer homogenizer allows these two to mix evenly, which results in one solution that has the same qualities and characteristics throughout.

Vacuum mixer homogenizers can be used for different applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics production, and food and beverage.

This article will mention the top 5 manufacturers of vacuum mixer homogenizers globally, along with a bonus section discussing the best producer of mixer homogenizers in all of China.

Top 5 vacuum mixer homogenizer manufacturers in the world

  • Gea Group

Gea Group is one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies in the world. 


Gea group was founded back in 1881 by Zachary Hochschild and Wilhelm Ralph Merton; this Germany-based company focuses on massive machinery and advanced technology and components.

With over 100 years of experience, working with over 62 countries globally, and employing more than 18,000 workers full-time, it’s no surprise why Gea group has amassed worldwide stardom, which allowed them to have revenues of over $5 million.

With a rich heritage, constant systems improvements, and engineering innovation, Gea group is looking to be one of the top manufacturers of mixer homogenizers in the world

  1. Frewitt

Frewitt Ltd. is a Switzerland-based company that started its operations back in 1946. They are one of the leading companies in manufacturing high-quality pieces of equipment for industry-leading businesses focusing on pharmaceutical and food production.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Frédéric Wittwer, this innovative engineer was able to predict what others could not in the past, and that was by developing a machine that could crush and grind raw materials to be needed in the creation of medicines.


Fast forward to today, Frewitt not only delivers for massive pharmaceutical companies but also businesses that are in food and beverage production.

  1. Krones


Krones Group is a company with its primary headquarters located in Neutraubling, Germany. They focus on creating machinery aimed at producing plastic, glass, cans, and even beverages.


With over 100 sites of production worldwide and 10,000 workers in their facilities, it’s no surprise why Krone has achieved over $4 million in sales in the past year.

  1. Jaygo Inc

Jaygo Incorporated was formed to fill the need of selling massive machinery to chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies.

This New Jersey-based manufacturing company produces other machinery types and top-tier vacuum mixer homogenizers such as Conical Screw Processors, High Shear Mixers, Pressure Vessel Clamps, and many more.

  1. Erich NETZSCH GmbH & Co. Holding KG

Otherwise known as NETZSCH, this owner-managed international company based in Germany; founded back in 1873, its decades of experience have allowed them to be one of the top manufacturers of vacuum mixer homogenizers globally. 

With three business units, 210 different locations globally, and 4000 employees currently employed.

Best vacuum mixer homogenizer manufacturer in China


Despite most of the vacuum mixer homogenizers originating from the west, eastern manufacturers can not only compete with them but are also able to create cheaper and more efficient products.

Ginhong is the best vacuum mixer homogenizer manufacturer in China. With just 16 years of experience in the market, they are already known globally for producing high-quality machinery.

This company focuses on 100% customer satisfaction, hires professional and qualified personnel, and is environmentally conscious.

Their constant innovation and engineering marvel have allowed them to create vacuum mixer homogenizers that are efficient, high-quality, and safe. 

Ginhong mixers are very popular in the European region. Their products, ranging from high shear mixers, planetary mixers, sanitary pumps, mixing tanks, and vessels, are always in line with standards, pass quality checks, and are relatively cheap compared to the competition.


For businesses focused on producing cosmetics, medicine, food, and beverage, a vacuum mixer homogenizer is one of the most crucial pieces of machinery to start your operations.

If you are looking for the best vacuum mixer homogenizers in the world, the five listed above might be great selections, but if you are looking for manufacturers that not only provide you with high-quality machinery but are also relatively cheap, Ginhong might be the best choice for you.

Ginhong always integrates new technology with their products, with a dedicated team of experts and innovative engineers to back their company up; it allows them to manufacture the best machinery needed by companies worldwide.

Ginhong provides top-tier machinery, but they also have tons of options, ranging from smaller machinery aimed at individuals and small businesses to standard-sized equipment for mass production.

To get more information or purchase one of their high-quality vacuum mixer homogenizers, visit their website at