Top 3 most effective ways to flirt 

Before now, you must have thought or read that flirting is achieved when you learn some words, sentences or techniques. There’s more to flirting than learning some words or techniques that might not apply to all. Imagine using the same lines, sentences or techniques you used 5 years ago in this present time. It’s going to sound so obsolete and irrelevant. Instead, you need to learn and unlearn some pre-established opinions regarding flirting or what it should entail. 

If you want to improve your flirting game or get better at it and flirt effectively, you must first understand it from the definition angle. With this, you can easily understand how to naturally apply the concept of flirting to your relationships virtually and physically. The concept of flirting is valid physically when you meet someone for the first time and virtually in sex webcam live sessions. 

What is flirting?

Flirting is a means of showing your interest in the other person, signalling that you’d love to engage them further. The process is often accompanied by fun, sometimes sexual and erotic activities that could establish trust and connection on a more intimate level. Ideally, flirting becomes more interesting if it’s mutual, as it sparks curiosity and excitement simultaneously. With this, it is established that flirting doesn’t only mean showing the other person you want to date or have sex with alone. It could also mean enjoying the company of one another and making the other person feel good about themselves. 

How to flirt effectively 

If you plan on exploring sex webcam live shows, you need to understand the concept of flirting. Most cam girls are such that they’ve heard and seen several persons repeat the same thing to them repeatedly, such that it has now become an anthem. If you don’t want a different narrative, then you need to put in the work. Here are some important tips when flirting with a cam girl. 

  • Don’t lose yourself while trying to paint the popular flirting persona:

As mentioned above, when it comes to flirting, you need to unlearn some of the things you used to know about flirting. You don’t need to take some positions, look like some person or change your voice into a certain manner before you can flirt. You don’t need to begin flirting with storytelling to make the other person feel sorry for you. All these are unnecessary when it comes to flirting, and they would in no way help get your intentions across. Instead, ensure you are yourself, be real and convey your thoughts in the simplest yet mysterious means ever. Be more “you” than trying to fit into a persona. 

  • Make the first move:

That you are on a sex webcam live session doesn’t mean the cam girl should flirt first. No rules or guidelines say the cam girl should do the flirting. If you enjoy the company, and it seems like what you’d like to continue or have as a routine, you should let the other person know. Cam models are human, and they have emotions too. As unprofessional as it might sound, they are permitted to be shy at some point. If you notice this, take the bull by the horn and call the shot. Go for it and ensure she’s as willing as you are willing. All you need to do is first be willing to make the first move and stop making assumptions. Some decisions need to be impulsive; making the first move in a flirting situation is one. 

  • Read the room:

This is a very important tip that you always need to remember. Don’t be so carried away that you forget always to read the room. Body languages and flirting are such that they are complementary. Her body language is your cue to understand if she’s interested or buying into your advances. While at it, you should ensure you don’t break eye contact. Eye contact could be maintained even while having online sex chats. So, be sure always to keep eye contact. Since you can’t touch them, you should be able to decipher their emotions from gestures and body movements. All of these are some of the tips that would help you monitor your flirting progress. There are some words or sentences you don’t say, such that their countenance change the moment you say those. Hence, there’s a need for you always to read the room and body language.