score well in the Class 12 Biology exam

Tips to score well in the Class 12 Biology exam

Class 12 Biology has a vast syllabus with innumerable facts and topics to cover. If you are wondering if it is possible to score well in this subject, then the answer is an absolute yes. The subject might be huge, but nothing is impossible without proper planning and all the correct study material. In this article, we shall discuss various tips to score well in class 12 biology exams.

Biology refers to the study of living organisms, divided into numerous specific fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution. Biology originates from the terms’ bio and logy. Bio refers to life and logy is a common suffix that means science or study. So, biology comes to mean science or study of lifeforms. The 2 broad branches of biology are botany – the study of plants, and zoology, – the study of animals.

CBSE Class 12 Biology comprises both Botany and Zoology. As students, you are expected to learn both branches with equal importance. Students who opt for biology after class 12 are usually aiming to secure a medical seat. Therefore along with the board exams, all the chapters in the syllabus are important even from the competitive exam point of view.

Class 12 Biology syllabus contains a total of 16 chapters, they are:

Chapter 1 – Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction

Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health

Chapter 5 – Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 7 – Evolution

Chapter 8 – Human Health and Disease

Chapter 9 – Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Chapter 10 – Microbes in Human Welfare

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Chapter 11 – Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Chapter 12 – Biotechnology and its Applications

Chapter 13 – Organisms and Populations

Chapter 14 – Ecosystem

Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and Conservation

Chapter 16 – Environmental Issues

  • Read each and every topic thoroughly to understand the concepts clearly. You can always refer to extra books and solutions in case you have any doubts about a particular topic. Ensure you have a visual understanding of all the topics so as to help you recall and reproduce them effectively in the actual exam.
  • In order to learn and remember easily, the difficult biological terminologies write and practice many times. By doing so you can memorize any long or complex biological term for a long period of time. Practicing also ensures that you have trained your memory not to forget these terminologies for a long time.
  • Biology being a theoretical subject will need many time readings to grasp a particular concept. So ensure you keep revising each and every topic repeatedly to ensure you do not forget them before the exams.
  • Create step-by-step summaries in your own simple words for important topics. You can also write down multiple important topics point-wise for a quick and easy recollection.
  • Produce flowcharts to effectively remember all the processes. Processes in biology tend to get tiringly long and complicated. Having flowcharts will help you to learn each and every step of the process and also easily revise them during exams.
  • Practice drawing neat diagrams as they can help you learn the concept easily. Moreover, learning and practicing a piece of specific information in the form of a well-labeled and neat diagram can get you more marks instead of writing the big paragraphs. Reproducing a diagram makes the examiner realize the efforts behind understanding the subject pushing them to award you more marks.
  • Find a study partner with whom you can study all the topics. Explaining to them will help you understand and remember the information more effectively and easily. Also, if you are unable to understand a particular topic, they will help you to understand the same.
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Study materials for Class 12 Biology Board exams

NCERT Solutions:

Recommended by the board itself, NCERT solutions are one of the most sought after study material for board exam preparation. Vedantu NCERT Biology Class 12 Solutions provide you with accurate and precise solutions for all the questions. Referring to these questions ensures that you are well prepared for all types of questions that might be asked in the board exam.

Previous years question paper:

Do not forget to solve previous years’ question papers. Solving them will ensure you get proper practice before taking up the actual board exam. It will give you a precise idea about the essential topics, frequently asked questions and the marks weightage for each and every topic.

Board Sample papers:

Sample papers are prepared keeping in mind the board exam paper pattern. Practicing these sample papers repeatedly will help you to learn time and exam pressure management. It helps you to train your mind to remember the answer even under pressure and perform exceedingly well. It is important to solve these sample papers to not feel a sense of exam fear and answer the board exams with complete confidence.