The top 3 differences of dab rigs vs nectar collectors!

There are numerous apparatuses to choose from when getting the best smoking experience for you and your friends. There are some beginner options that may be safer for you to use as a first-time cannabis ingester, whereas other more complicated appliances can be used for advanced smokers!?

When deciding between which one to use for you and your next smoking experience, make sure you choose the best option for you and your preferences.?

There are many differences between dab rigs and nectar collectors when you buy online, so analyzing each apparatus can give you an idea of the best one for your needs.?

3 differences of dab rigs vs. nectar collectors every cannabis user needs to know?

What is a nectar collector? Well, this apparatus is designed for smoking concentrates. Not to be confused with a vaporizer, this nectar collector is a handheld bubbler that differs from joints or bongs. With a variety in different shapes and sizes, you can choose the material you want for this smoking apparatus.?

What is a dab rig? This mechanism is a type of water pipe that also concentrates smoke, composed of the main body and the nail. The main body consists of the tube chamber, downstem, and the percolator, while the nail is either a skillet nail or a banger style nail. The body of the dab rig is either silicone or glass, and is composed of heat-resistant materials for ample safety.

Nectar collectors are more portable

When comparing dab rigs and nectar collectors, nectar collectors are slightly more portable and convenient than dab rigs. This collector is small and pocket-sized, whereas dab rigs have more moving parts that can be complicated to carry. Silicone nectar collectors have the added benefit of being able to fold up and carry while transporting in a backpack or pocket.?

Collector has Less temperature control?

The second difference between dab rigs and a nectar collector is the temperature control. Nectar collectors have less temperature control and adjustability when compared to dab rigs, along with dab rigs having a higher potency level and more efficiency when it comes to choosing the settings. Furthermore, da rigs have more flavor in each hit. Due to the ability to change your settings and adjust the temperature, users of dab rigs have an efficient and pleasurable smoking experience due both the electric nails and precise temperature regulation.?

Lots of sizes and prices

The final difference between nectar collectors and dab rigs is the variety. Dab rigs come in numerous shapes, sizes, and price points, making it affordable to anyone and everyone. Unlike nectar collectors, dab rigs have various styles that make them ideal for anyone who wants their own personalized smoking experience.


As you can see, there are many differences between dab rigs and nectar collectors. To have the best smoking experience possible, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each apparatus and analyze the differences in the smoking methods. Dab rigs are typically more adjustable, provide better temperature control, and have a wide range of sizes and prices, whereas nectar collectors are more transportable.