Colors You Should Avoid

The T-shirt Colors You Should Avoid

Choosing the best t-shirt colors involves a lot of consideration. Which colors look best on your skin tone? Which one works best for casual and which one for more formal situations??Understanding what looks good helps understand what… doesn’t! There isn’t one answer to which tee colors are the worst, but there is a way to know which ones you should personally avoid.?Let’s dive deeper into the topic and find the answers to the questions about which t-shirt colors you should avoid. This blog is going to be all about The T-shirt Colors You Should Avoid.

Why should you care??

You don’t need to be too interested in fashion to care about which colors look good on you. Unflattering shades can make you look sick, tired and drown out your features and well-chosen colors make you look great even in the simplest clothes.

Finding out which colors work for you is not a complicated task or a chore, and just a simple analysis will help you determine it.?

The key part? It’s knowing your undertone.?


No matter your complexion, your skin’s undertone falls under cool or warm.

To understand which group you fall under, you can do these simple tests, and we recommend doing them all to have a definitive answer.

Look at your wrist veins.?First, look at your wrists. If you see your veins and they appear blue – your undertone is cool; if they’re green – it’s warm.

Check your jewelry or watch.?Do you gravitate more to silver watches and other?jewelry? It most likely indicates you have a cool undertone, and if it’s gold you like – you’re probably warm. Your preferred metal will lighten up your complexion and make your eyes pop too.

Sun test.?Cool skin tones burn easily and usually don’t tan or go read because the skin has less pigment. The skin blushes easily too. Warm skin tone tans quick and easy and is usually not pinky but yellowish or olive-like.?

Neutral.?If you don’t fall into these two groups, your skin tone might be?neutral.

What colors look good on you

Once you’ve determined your skin undertone, you can use this guide to learn which colors look good on you!

Cool undertones.?You look best wearing icy, clear, and cool colors like grays, blues, whites, jewel tones, pinks, deep purples, and greens. You’ll also look good in fuchsia pink, royal blue, black, charcoal grey, pure white. These color clothes make your complexion lighter, more vital, and your features brighter.?Shop for white crew necks online at Fresh Clean Tees here.

Warm undertones.?Choose earthy tones like light orange, yellow, mustard, taupe, brown, warm reds, greens, coral, peach, off white. These colors will bring out your complexion and make you look super healthy. You can also experiment with blues and pinks.

Neutral undertones.?You’re lucky because you generally look good in any color, so take different samples to the changing room and see what you prefer!?

Which t-shirt colors to avoid

Okay, so now you know which colors look good on you, but which ones should you avoid?

Before you go to the mall or order a new batch of high-quality t-shirts?make a little cheat sheet and steer clear of the no-nos.

Cool undertones?should avoid t-shirts in muted pastels, yellows, rusty browns, oranges, dark reds, mustard, and corals.?

Warm undertones?should also avoid orange t-shirts (a universally unflattering color), salmon pinks, pure bright white, and make sure you double-check before ordering Fuschia and deep purple.?

Neutral undertones. While most colors will look good with a neutral skin tone, bright primary colors like those in children’s crayon boxes are best to avoid. We’re talking bright reds, blues, greens, oranges, and yellows. Choose these colors in more muted shades.?