The Power of Innovation: Revel Systems as Your Leading POS System

A reliable POS system must be utilized in today’s modern world. A POS system provides solutions for various aspects of a business, achieving organization, efficiency, and accuracy. 

One leading provider is Revel Systems, a company that offers POS solutions with a mission to deliver enhanced customer experiences, broaden revenue streams, and scale businesses effortlessly. 

In this article, we will be exploring Revels Systems, understanding them, their key features, the industries they serve, their pricing structure, and scalability. 

Understanding Revel Systems

Revel Systems has provided cloud-based POS solutions since their establishment in 2010. Known for their commitment to providing flexible and cutting-edge systems to promote multi-location growth.

With a track record of 20,000 customers and a user-friendly interface, Revel Systems exists to help your business adapt to changing customer demands, expand its reach, and increase profits. For more details, take a look at this comprehensive review of Revel Systems. 

Before delving into the key features of Revel, it is vital to know what a cloud-based POS system is. Unlike a traditional POS system, a cloud-based POS system allows for all business operations to be completed online, and all data is stored on a remote server. This feature lets business managers monitor all transitions from a remote location. 

The use of portable devices like mobile phones and tablets and the use of application software are major distinctions of a cloud-based system. These distinctions benefit businesses as lower equipment costs are incurred, given that any portable device can be used as the POS interface. 

Key Features & Capabilities

Revel Systems is a distinct player in the POS system industry due to their diversified service suite. The following are the core features of Revel: 

Order management

Managing your orders is a crucial aspect of achieving success. Revel Systems gives you adequate solutions to streamline all parts of the ordering process and manage your inventory. 

Customer engagement 

Your customers are at the forefront of your business’s success; therefore, you must foster and maintain a strong relationship with them. Revel helps in this aspect by providing solutions that maximize customer engagement. Providing transparency, collecting customer data, marketing automation, and personalization are only a few benefits Revel’s customer engagement feature provides. 


Mobility is an advantage of a cloud-based system. With Revel’s mobility feature, you can take customer orders on the spot, decrease wait times, and reduce the chance of error. This feature takes your business to your customers rather than the opposite, enhancing the overall experience. 

Analytics and data insights 

To make informed decisions, you are required to have accurate and real-time data. With Revel’s robust analytics and data insights, you better understand your business and customers. Analyze trends, sales fluctuations, and employee performance with Revel to efficiently adapt and customize your business operations. 

Kitchen management system 

To be able to efficiently manage your kitchen, connecting your front end to the back end helps streamline kitchen operations and increase efficiency, ultimately leading to an increase in profits. Revel’s kitchen management system allows you to increase the speed of orders, reduce waiting time, and integrate all aspects of your business. 


In the event that you are a business owner who does not have the necessary hardware equipment for integration, everything needed for implementation is provided by Revel. 

Revel is a leader in iPad POS; their hardware equipment includes Apple’s iPad, seamlessly integrating their POS software with iOS software. 

Revel also provides multiple different stands and chargers suitable for Apple iPads. Furthermore, Revel offers a stand-alone kiosk for businesses opting for a self-service kiosk.

It is important to note that each of these features varies based on the industry in which a business operates. 

Industries Served by Revel Systems

Quick Service Restaurants: Revel provides POS solutions for quick service restaurants (QSR). The focal point of a QSR is the speed at which the service is delivered; therefore, Revel has provided ways to ensure that quick order processing occurs, leaving customers with an enhanced experience. From the front end to the back end, Revel’s quick-service POS system provides the necessary tools to streamline operations, cut costs, and increase efficiency. 

Table Service Restaurants: Wait times are reduced, inventory is managed, and overall operations are simplified and streamlined with Revel. With Revel, table-service restaurants are able to provide table-side orders, manage all tables from one place, replicate floor plans, and much more. 

Speciality Retail Brands: You can benefit from Revel’s POS system to streamline all sales processes, manage your inventory, and increase customer satisfaction for all retail stores. 

Pricing Structure

As each business and industry has its own needs and requirements, Revel Systems does not make their prices transparent.

Revel has a variety of features, services, and products, all designed for the different needs of their customers; therefore, depending on what you are looking for, Revel will provide a pricing structure suited best for you. The cost of their hardware also plays a role in their varying prices. 

Although they do not show prices, they offer a free demonstration to show you how their systems work, depending on the required features. 

To get detailed pricing, you must contact a Revel sales representative, explaining your type of business, your industry, and the solutions you are looking for. 


Revel Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based and iPad systems, providing services to more than 20,000 customers worldwide. Their main industries include quick-service restaurants, table-service restaurants, and retail stores. 

Order management, customer engagement, mobility, kitchen management systems, hardware, analytics, and data insights are the key features of Revel. Keep in mind that these features will vary based on the industry you are in. 

Finally, to get a pricing structure, you must contact a Revel sales representative, providing them with information on your business and detailing your needs and requirements.