The most typical suspension repair work

Shock absorbers

  • Check the appearance and serviceability of shock absorbers, bearing cups, and springs. A visual criterion for assessing the serviceability of shock absorbers is the presence of fluid leaks. In this case, it is necessary to think about shock absorber replacement, or at least its repair. But, shock absorber repair is not for a long time. This is the only way to calculate the car suspension repair cost. In further tips, you will understand the principle of operation.
  • JunkCarsUs mentioned, that the lack of compression resistance of the shock absorber, indicates wear or destruction of the insides: the rod, guide sleeve, or compression valve discs. Here, too, pay attention to the springs. Replacing front suspension springs is not difficult, and quite doable on your own. The most common spring failure is the first coil lug breaking.
  • A creak or knocking of a shock absorber is a signal to replace rubber bushings or tighten the nuts fixing a shock absorber. Or, unpleasant-the insides need to be replaced. If you have collapsible shock absorbers, repairing the shock absorber, in this case, is the real deal. Don’t forget – replacement or repair of shock absorbers is only done in pairs on the same axle. Just like replacing a brake disc, for example.

Cables, ball joints, steering joints

  • These assemblies are checked the old-fashioned way – when jacked up, in order to unload the suspension, use a crowbar and hands to check the play of all assemblies one by one.
  • Visually determine the integrity of the rubber (silicone) protective covers. In the presence of play in this or that node, the most correct decision is to replace the part. There is no need to tempt fate in a state of “effective driving”. When the CROWN starts to crack when turning, and you can hear the ball joint, it may be too late.

Suspension arms

Failures are not that frequent, but they demand attention.

  • Repair of suspension arms is made in the case of deformation of the upper arm booster shelf.
  • If, as a result of a deformation of the axle of the lower lever, the front wheel angles are not adjusted, then the replacement of the front suspension arms is required. Replacing a front suspension arm is not a paired operation like replacing shock absorbers or replacing brake discs.

Wheel hub bearings

If worn or too much clearance: the clearance is adjusted, or the bearing is replaced.

Brake system

  • Diagnosis or repair of brake discs, brake pads, drums, and hoses are performed according to the technology described in the manual for a particular model. JunkCarsUs propose the nuances of each system must be taken into account.
  • All rubber-metal joints, rubber bushings, and gaskets in case of their deformation loosening in the sockets, or visible defects in the form of cracks (tears) should be replaced immediately. They are often the cause of annoying suspension knocks.