Hundred of cricket

The Hundred of cricket

The England and Wales Cricket Board has been very active in trying to come up with new ideas to renovate cricket and attract new audiences to it. After a lot of consideration, a new tournament with a new variation of cricket was created. It is called The Hundred, and people can play online bet on and follow its exciting matches.

The history of the competition is closely linked to the history of 100-ball cricket. It should be noted that this form of cricket was created in order to have fast-paced matches which could be only a few hours long. The first season of the tournament took place only in 2021, and things have looked quite promising for this new championship. Everything about this cup is on 1xBet, where people can make an online bet while their favorite teams play their respective matches.

Coming up with new ideas

At some moment, it was thought to create a national competition across England and Wales that could replicate the Indian Premier League. People can make online IPL betting on 1xBet, which also features lots of matches from England, Wales and other countries. The original idea was to play this tournament in Twenty20 form. However, in later discussions it was agreed to try the competition with 100-ball cricket. Many cities have teams of their own at the competition, such as:

  • London;
  • Cardiff;
  • Manchester;
  • and Birmingham.

Also, it was decided to give the same importance to men and women’s games. This is achieved by making both schedules to mirror each other. In other words, every time that two men’s teams are playing in the competition, their counterpart women’s squads are doing the same. Making IPL betting on 1xBet online can be made from anywhere in the world by using desktop computers and mobile gadgets.

Mixed reactions

The competition has had its fair share of reactions. Some of them have been quite positive, others not so much. In people can make lots of wagers in The Hundred, while learning more about its excellent matches, teams and players. There have been many cricket players who have welcomed this new tournament, such as Eoin Morgan or Stuart Broad.

Others have been a bit more cautious. For example, Virat Kohli has stated that this might lead to an excessive commercialisation of the game. However, women tend to be more optimistic about this competition, especially when considering that the male and female competitions are treated in the exact same way. All these matches are featured at 1xBet, which has pre-match and live betting possibilities.