Smart Home Speakers

Smart Home Speakers You Should Try in 2022

The world has changed a lot over the past couple of decades. From everything being manually run to everything becoming automatic, we have indeed come a long way technology-wise. From smartphones to smart homes, everything is being run over the internet. Sometimes I shudder at the thought of losing the internet even for a day because I realize how dependent my life is on it. However, just an internet connection would not suffice these days. It has to be reliable and high-speed as well as easy on the pocket. If you have found your match already, congratulations, but if you have not, then check out Cox espa?ol Smart Home Speakers for blazing fast speeds, reliable customer service, and economical monthly rates.

The internet has enabled us to inter-connect anything and everything without a second thought. From people worried about their home security to the ones who just want to listen to some good old music on a portable speaker, there is a smart device for everyone. However, today we will just discuss the best smart speakers available in the market that you must check out before buying one for yourself.

Things to Consider Beforehand

  1. ? Which voice assistant do you prefer? Or which one do you already use? The three major ones are Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Speakers powered by Google and Amazon are widely available as well as user-friendly. However, if you are an Apple devotee then of course there?s no converting you.
  2. ? Decide the features you cannot do without. Would you fancy a touchscreen along with the voice assistant? Is sound quality your main concern? Do you want to connect the speaker to other smart gadgets you own? And the list can go on, but you get the idea, right?

Once you have considered the above mentioned points it is time to check out our list of the best speakers. Go through the article and keeping your priorities in mind, decide whichever works for you the best.

Sonos One

In the world of smart speakers, there is none better than Sonos One. Some may argue that there are better options when it comes to portability and being louder but Sonos One beats the game overall. It provides stable audio in multiple rooms, offers the highest sound quality, and includes smart home utility. It is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, as well as AirPlay2.

Amazon Echo

One of the best value speakers, the new Amazon Echo provides the same sound and bass but at a lower price than its predecessors. It can be put anywhere you want, even in the bathroom ? that is how portable it is. Alexa makes weather updates, kitchen timers, news updates, and alarms a breeze. A simple yet audio-focused device indeed.

JBL Link Portable

This speaker offering 360-degree sound comes with a cradle for recharging. The Google Assistant is there to help you get answers to even the most complicated questions, play your favorite tunes, etc., etc. It is compatible with Wi-Fi so you can directly stream music on it when at home, and when on the go the Bluetooth will allow you to play your tunes through your smartphone. It is IPX7 water-resistant, user-friendly, and provides 8 hours of playtime.

Apple HomePod Mini

If you want to try something different, Apple smart ecosystem is likely to offer you the best experience. Apple HomePod Mini is one of the best smart speakers to go for with impeccable design, clear sound, and price within your budget. The built-in Siri will assist you and talk to you for as long as you desire. If you have not subscribed to Apple Music, make sure to do it now, because of numerous benefits and more features. The physical controls include volume up and down, summon Siri, play next or previous track, and play/pause. One of the drawbacks is that it only supports a few smart devices, which could be a problem if you have transformed your home completely.?


Smart home speakers are gaining hype and improving with each passing day. Living alone in an apartment can turn out to be boring, but not when you have smart speakers at home. Try these speakers in 2022 and get smarter and have more control.