o drink an Aperitif

The Best Times to drink an Aperitif

An aperitif is an alcoholic drink usually served before a meal, and it helps to stimulate the appetite. Aperitifs can be with various liquors and come in many different flavours. There are different opinions on the best time to drink aperitif. Some people believe that aperitif should only be consumed before dinner, while others think drinking aperitif is enjoyable anytime. When you shop for Aperitif online, this post will explore the best times to drink it.

What Is an Aperitif?

An aperitif is an alcoholic drink typically served before meals to stimulate the appetite. Aperitifs are usually light, dry, and moderately bitter beverages that range from sparkling wines like Champagne or Prosecco to fortified wines such as sherry or vermouth. Other popular aperitifs include liqueurs, aperitif cocktails, and fortified beers. Aperitifs can be served alone or as part of a cocktail before the meal. These drinks are usually done in small glasses to encourage conversation and relaxation. The most important thing to remember regarding an aperitif is that it should be light enough not to fill you up before the meal but flavourful enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming feast.

Aperitifs are a great way to kick off a meal with friends and family, whether a casual dinner or an upscale event. Not only do they get people in the mood for eating, but they also add another layer of flavour to the entire meal experience. Aperitifs can be enjoyed on their own, paired with food, or used as an ingredient in a cocktail.

How Do You Drink an Aperitif?

Pour 2 and 4 ounces (60-120mL) into a glass to enjoy an aperitif. Depending on the type of aperitif you’re drinking, this can be over ice or neat. If the aperitif is over ice, use either one large cube or several smaller ones. When drinking neat, it is best to avoid adding any extra water. It would be best to enjoy aperitifs before the main course of a meal.

To further enhance your aperitif’s flavour, you can create a cocktail.

Popular Aperitif-Based Cocktails to Try

There are popular aperitif-based cocktails that are worth trying:

NEGRONI: A famous classic Italian cocktail stronger than Americano; sophisticated aperitif with equal parts of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. The bitter-sweet taste stimulates appetite and digestion.

MARTINI: A classic aperitif with a simple two-ingredient cocktail – 1 part vermouth and six parts gin. A perfect complement to any meal, whether dry, perfect or served as a Gibson.

MANHATTAN: An iconic drink is known globally, made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and drops of Angostura. Its flavour is entangling, complex and sophisticated, producing the perfection, smokiness of whiskey, the caress of vermouth, and the bitterness of Angostura.

PARK AVENUE: This cocktail adds pineapple juice to gin and sweet vermouth. With a little orange curaçao, it is a refreshing aperitif on hot summer days. 

GIMLET: A simple aperitif with a two-ingredient recipe; gin with lime cordial. It is a light and refreshing cocktail that accompanies almost every meal – fancy or casual dinner.

GIN & TONIC: A classic and simple cocktail combining a bitter and zest for a light and refreshing drink. All you need is gin and tonic water, with an optional garnish of lime.

SPRITZ: A traditional Italian aperitif combining a balance of sparkling white wine and soda with a splash of bitters. It’s the perfect drink before dinner or after work – refreshing and light. 

The Best Time to Drink an Aperitif

An aperitif is usually before lunch or dinner as an appetizer. It allows the drinker to enjoy the flavour and aroma of the beverage without having food interfere. It also encourages digestion and can stimulate the appetite.

As an Afternoon Refreshment

If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, the aperitif is ideal. Its light and refreshing nature makes it perfect for quick daily recharge.

After Work

Aperitifs are great for winding down after a long day of work. They can help you relax, and the flavour gives you something to anticipate your evening meal.

During Social Occasions

An aperitif can be the perfect accompaniment to any social gathering. Not only will it add some flavour to the conversation, but it can also help break the ice, as everyone enjoys drinks together.

Any Time of the Day

Enjoy an aperitif when you want something tasty and flavorful without wasting valuable time. You don’t have to enjoy an aperitif at specific times strictly. A good aperitif is always worth savouring.

Why Should You Always Drink an Aperitif before Dinner?

Aperitifs are a great way to stimulate the appetite before dinner. By drinking an aperitif before dinner, you can help your digestive system prepare for the meal by increasing gastric secretions and improving digestion. Drinking aperitifs can also be a nice way to start the evening. They are typically served with light snacks or small bites, creating the perfect atmosphere for conversation and socializing. 

Additionally, aperitifs are usually alcoholic beverages that can help take the edge off after a long day at work and give you a relaxed start to dinner. Finally, drinking an aperitif before dinner can reduce your overall calorie intake since it can help you feel more satisfied with less food.


Aperitifs are a great way to enjoy drinks before dinner. Not only do they provide an opportunity to relax and socialize, but they also stimulate appetite and digestion. With light snacks or small bites, an aperitif can be the perfect way to start any meal on the right foot. So next time you’re enjoying dinner, start with an aperitif. Your taste buds and your dinner guests will thank you!