Population in US

The Aging Population in US and How to Stay Young

The second largest demographic group in the United States today is the generation known as Baby Boomers, Population in US . This name comes from the fact these babies were born in the period after the Second World War. While this cohort has declined in recent years it is still the second largest generation group. Presently the members of the baby Boomer generation are aging and require more health care than they have in past years. The estimated average income for baby Boomers is $46,340. With the generational transfer of wealth many baby boomers are inheriting money from their deceased parents which increases Boomers ability to increase their spending.

Baby Boom in USA

Baby boomers have had a large impact on the US economy. As teenagers, they spent more than 420 billion a year on things like clothes, music and food. As a whole, Baby Boomers have a higher standard of living than that of their parents. At retirement, a phase many Boomers have already reached, they have a higher standard of living than their parents at that same time period. This does not extend to all Boomers. There is an open question as to whether or not Boomers will have saved enough to enjoy a retirement as financially secure as they have had during their working life.

Global Aging

  • Japan- has the world’s third largest economy. They are experiencing a dramatic rise in the segment of the population that is considered aging. More than 20% of the population is over 65 years of age. A major issue for japan is that as people age and leave the workforce, there are not enough workers to replace those who retire.
  • Europe- has similar issues as those of Japan. More than one fifth of the population of the European Union is over the age of 65. Those over 80 are expected to increase in numbers as well. With migration taking away some of the younger generation that would replace retiring Europeans, there is a lack of workers to replace retirees. This could spell a major economic crisis for these countries.
  • Monaco- has the largest percentage of residents over 65 in Western Europe. That being said they also have a high life expectancy on the average of 86.5 years. The birth rate in Monaco is increasing providing hope that they can escape some of the labor shortages other European countries will have.
  • Russia- The percentage of residents over 65 is lower than many other countries and comes in at 15.5%. The average Russian can be expected to live to 80 years old. However, the birth rate does not replace the number of aging Russians.
  • Canada- has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world, at an average of 81 years old. As in other countries, Canada has the same issues with replacing retirees with younger workers. In addition, Canada is expected to experience troubles providing healthcare for its aging population.

How to Stay Young

As the Baby Boomers age they will spend a good deal of money on appearance improving things like Botox, plastic surgery and personal trainers. Unfortunately, many of these efforts will not help them maintain a younger appearance for very long and are doomed to fail in the long run. In spite of looking better on the outside, none of these treatments will make a difference on the inside of the bodies of aging Boomers.

There are therapies that will help how Boomers will age on the inside that actually do work in the short and long term. HGH, Human Growth Hormone, in its synthetic form can provide a multitude of benefits to aging adults.

They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Slowing aging rates- Collagen in Human Growth Hormone helps the elasticity of skin and helps prevent the skin from sagging.
  2. Decreased cardiovascular diseases risk- Because of the poor diet of many Americans there is a sharp increase in cardiovascular issues. There can be a buildup of lipids on the arterial; walls of the body and this leads to heart attacks and strokes. By burning lipids, these risks can be reduced.
  3. Stronger immune system- Human Growth Hormone helps develop the immune system by working with the thymus gland to help promote the growth of T-cells that increase human immunity.
  4. Restoration of erectile function – There have been some recent studies that report that low HGH can lead to erectile issues. Among the methods to improve this condition is to replace the low levels with HGH to help ameliorate the issue. The term GHRT or growth hormone replacement therapy refers to the work of doctors already in progress to help relieve this condition and restore normal function for men,
  5. Improved cognitive capabilities and moods- In a research study from the University of Washington, researchers found that when both normal and impaired cognition people were given HGH the cognition improved with the hormone. In addition, mood swing issues were aided by HGH and positive mood increased.
  6. Tougher Bones- Many older people are concerned with breaking bones. As people age, their bones become more brittle and they can easily fracture. On a study of port menopausal women who have osteoporosis it was found that the hormone helped keep bones strong.

Reputable Services

Unfortunately, there are both types of HGH clinics in the United States and abroad. According to medzone.center, reputable clinics will only treat patients with specific issues that are legally approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Currently most sports organizations ban the use of Human Growth Hormones. Using the hormone as an anti-aging treatment with no other issues is banned.

How Do You Use HGH Legally?

Your doctor may prescribe the hormone for a number of conditions. One stands out. It is known as GHD or Growth Hormone Deficiency. A doctor must do a full in person examination and order specific tests to diagnose this issue. Symptoms include fat gain around the abdomen, low energy levels, loss of muscle mass and elevated cholesterol. After testing a doctor can order the use of HGH to help the patients overcome these issues and stay healthy.

For the right reasons, it can make a great difference in the lives of aging patients. Just be sure you see an expert on the treatment and follow all the guidelines.