Summer Fruits to Make Delightful Smoothies in Warm Months

While winter is the season for vegetables, summer is the season for fruits. There is nothing more refreshing than having a chilled fruit smoothie on a hot summer afternoon. It is not only full of nutrition but is also extremely filling. Here, we will discuss a great variety of summer fruits and what their benefits are.

Top 6 different types of summer fruits

Here are the top summer fruits that you can eat this season:


On the hot summer days when you are exhausted, you should try the juice of watermelon in the afternoon. Hot summer days are totally incomplete without this juicy fruit. This will keep your heart cool, and your thirst will be gone in a fraction of a second. You can eat this red-colored fruit like you eat a piece of cake and relish it.

Benefits of watermelon

As this is a good source of water so you can eat this to reduce your thirst. For eyes-related problems, watermelon is a perfect treat. It has vitamin A that is mandatory to keep the eyes good. Watermelon also has vitamin C. To improve immunity power, everyone should take vitamin C. Moreover, you can’t find a suitable source of vitamin C like watermelon in summer.

Watermelon is a great source of vitamin B6 also. Vitamin B6 helps to increase the immunity power of the body. In addition to vitamins, watermelon contains potassium.  Potassium helps to reduce the chances of muscle cramps. You will not face sunstroke if you eat lots of watermelons in the summer days.

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Mango is one of the best summer fruits after watermelon. People call the mango the king of fruits. So from this title, you can easily understand how popular this fruit is on hot summer days. This is as sweet as sugar. People wait to taste mangoes for one whole year. So you can’t skip this fruit when thinking about the best summer fruits.

Types of mangoes

There are various types of mangoes in the market. Among these types, Himsagar mangoes are very famous all over India. According to the taste, Alfonso mangoes are the best.

Other types of mangoes are Dasheri mangoes, Chausa mangoes, Badami mangoes, Safeda mangoes, Bombay green mangoes, Langra mangoes, Totapuri mangoes, Neelam mangoes, Raspuri mangoes, Malgoa mangoes, Amrapali mangoes, Lakhmanbhog mangoes, Fazli mangoes, Mankurad mangoes, and more.

Benefits of mangoes

As mangoes contain lots of nutrients, people call it the “king of fruits.” If you have a constipation-related problem, then you should take mangoes with your daily diet. Mangoes contain fiber which helps to clear your belly.

Mangoes have vitamin A and vitamin C; Vitamin A helps to improve the health of the eyes, and vitamin C keeps the immune system strong. Mango has a pigment named zeaxanthin that helps to protect the eyes from the harmful blue rays. Moreover, mangoes have anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help to improve our overall health. In addition to vitamin A and vitamin C, mangoes contain folate, iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B6.

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Papaya is one of the healthiest summer fruits to snack on. This is a common summer fruit but not so much popular among people. The main thing is that you can eat this fruit both ripe and unripe. The taste of ripe papaya is better than an unripe one. You can eat unripe papaya after boiling and cooking it.

Types of papaya

Many people think that only one type of papaya exists in the market, but this is not true. There are various types of papaya you can find. Before knowing about papaya benefits, let’s discuss the types.

The types of papaya are Sunset papaya, Mexican red papaya, Guinea gold papaya, Hortus gold papaya, Kamiya papaya, Kapoho papaya, Sunnybank papaya, Waimanalo papaya.

Benefits of papaya

Papaya has lots of health benefits, making it a perfect choice among summer fruits. Papaya contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin B9, vitamin B1, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

If you eat papaya every day, you can reduce the chances of cancer. As this fruit contains fiber, it is good for the digestive system. If you have a tooth-related problem, then papaya will be the best natural solution. Women can improve their menstrual cycle by adding papaya to their diet regularly. Papaya is also a great home remedy to resolve acne burns. Finally, people who have intestinal worms can eat papaya to eliminate this problem permanently.


Pineapple is another fruit for hot summer days. This is a prevalent fruit just because of its taste, and we can’t deny the looks! Pineapples have lots of thorns on the outside. Due to this, not everyone can cut this fruit and consume it right away. You have to learn the technique or ask the fruit-seller to do it for you. Besides this, pineapple is a juicy fruit that has high sugar content.

One fun fact about pineapple is that it is not actually a fruit; it is a cluster of berries combined with a central stalk!

Types of pineapples

Like mangoes and papaya, pineapple also has various types. Among these types, queen pineapple is the most famous. Other pineapple types are Abacaxi pineapple, red Spanish pineapple, smooth cayenne pineapple, Pernambuco pineapple, Mordilona pineapple, Kona Sugarloaf, Brecheche pineapple, Singapore red pineapple, and Panare pineapple.

Benefits of pineapple

Pineapple is a rich fruit with anti-oxidants. So if you are prone to sickness due to prolonged weakness, you can consume pineapple regularly. Pineapple contains bromelain. This is an enzyme that helps to digest foods very fast. Bromelain act as proteases, which helps break down protein into peptide molecules that help build the blocks of our body. Skinny people must try and include pineapple in their diet to gain weight and become fitter.

Pineapple helps to reduce cancer as Bromelain acts as a cancer suppressor in your body. Most women nowadays are facing a big problem with the threat of breast cancer. Bromelain is an enzyme that helps kill the diseased cell of the body and suppress this type of cell growth. Thus, pineapple is crucial for a woman’s diet.

Every child should eat pineapple during the summertime. This fruit helps to increase the immune system power and keeps you away from diseases. Aged people who are suffering from arthritis should eat pineapple. To fix this disease, bromelain works again. For the long term, this is not applicable, but this works for the short term. Pineapple is the food that can eliminate inflammation also.

Pineapple contains calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, manganese, vitamin B6, copper, thiamin, folate, potassium, magnesium, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and iron.


Guava is usually found all year round, but like other fruits on this list, this is a great summer fruit. However, unlike other fruits, guavas are not juicy. This is a stiff and hard fruit to eat. Many people like this fruit as this has tons of seeds inside it. You will love to relish fresh guava with some salt.

Types of guava

Various types of guavas you can find on tropical islands. These types include the tropical white ones, Mexican cream, strawberry guava, lemon guava, Detwiler guava, red Malaysian guava, and more.

Benefits of guava

People those who are facing problem with low blood sugar should eat one guava after lunch. This is very useful for lowering blood sugar. Various studies show that guava resists the insulin level. Extract of guava leaf improves blood vessels. So, you can eat guava leaves like other green vegetables during summer.

Guava improves our heart health. Thus, people prone to heart diseases genetically or due to underlining health conditions must include guava in their platter. This helps to reduce blood pressure. People those who have high LDL cholesterol level should consume guava. This helps to maintain LDL cholesterol level also with the blood pressure. A study shows that people who take one guava in the morning have decreased heart attack chances by 9.9%.

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems for women is dysmenorrhea. This is a disease of the menstrual cycle as it increases the cramps of the stomach. Guava helps to reduce this stomach pain at the time of the menstrual cycle of women. Study shows that 9mg guava juice can reduce the pain for the long term. So if you are facing this problem now, you should take this.

You can find dietary fiber from guava. If you take guava daily, then many types of constipation problems will be gone forever.  Guava can give you 12% of the total fiber you need to consume every day. So you should not miss this great source of fiber anyhow. Diarrhea is another disease that you can face for a long time. This helps to decrease the intensity level and the time period of diarrhea. Leaf extract also helps to reduce diarrhea.



Jackfruit is a special type of fruit to eat during the summer season. Not everyone likes this fruit, but this is a really delicious fruit. The size of this fruit is as big as compared to other fruits except for watermelon. You can find tons of core parts inside of jackfruit.

You can eat the seeds of jackfruit also by boiling them. People eat the seeds of jackfruit as vegetables of summer. This is the largest fruit that grows in a tree. The weight of one jackfruit goes up to 80 kg to 100 kg.

Types of jackfruit

Jackfruit has only two varieties. One is hard, and another is soft—different types of people like a different type of jackfruit. But most people like soft jackfruit that is easy to eat, unlike the raw one you need to cook.

Benefits of jackfruit

Jackfruit has lots of nutrients. If you eat jackfruit in the evening, you will take carbohydrate, calorie, fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, copper manganese altogether. If you eat jackfruit juice, then it will give you 3-gram protein per cup. This is 3 times more than mango and apple.

Jackfruit helps reduce blood sugar. There is a scale to measure blood sugar named glycemic index. In this index, jackfruit comes very low. From this, you may have understood that you should eat jackfruit to maintain the right blood sugar.  Jackfruit has flavonoids and antioxidants that work on blood sugar well. As this fruit contains fiber, that’s why this is good for the digestion system.

Jackfruit contains vitamin C, which helps improve the immune system of the human body. So if you fall ill frequently, then you should eat jackfruit regularly during the summer season. Jackfruit contains carotenoids also. This works well against the inflammation disease. If inflammation insists on continuing it can lead to a chronic disease, and from chronic disease, cancer may happen.

Jackfruit has an anti-aging property. If you are going from stress, then you should eat jackfruit. Stress insists on growing the age rapidly. As jackfruit contains potassium and fiber, this helps reduce the chances of heart attack and heart diseases. So don’t skip eating jackfruit if you want to keep your heart well.

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Final thoughts

Summer fruits are delicious to eat. People call this time the season of fruit. Everyone waits for a summer season to taste these delicious fruits. From this article, you have known about six famous fruits of the summer season.

People know about these fruits very well, but this article gives you some insights into the extraordinary benefits. Before eating, you should be aware of these benefits. This will help you create a perfect diet.

Try to eat guava daily because this is available enough and all year round. You can’t get mangos and papaya in every summer season. The availability of these fruits depends on the storm and rain in the summer season. Watermelon is another fruit that is available all the time during the summer season. So don’t skip fruits during the upcoming summer season.