Snowy Bears Sour Gummi Candy

I picked up this box of Snowy Bears Sour Gummi Candy as a post-winter-holidays sale item. I don’t really see why these had to go on sale, as they’re not really holiday-specific, but I’m not complaining about getting to save a few cents!

Like most sour gummi candies, these bears were covered in granulated sugar and sour stuff. Also, like most sour gummies, they weren’t that sour. The gummi chew was lightly stiff, with minimal spring-back and just a little chew.

The gummies came in three colors and flavors. Red was sour to start before it gave way to cherry with deep red notes. I was pleasantly surprised by how much depth there was to the flavor and how long that flavored lingered in the finish.

White was pineapple (after a slightly sour start), with a standard but nice pineapple core-flavored bite.

Finally, green, too, started out lightly sour. It then turned into a mellow floral fuji apple/apple juice flavor.

I was impressed at how tasty these non-brand name gummis were. They packed an impressive flavor punch, and I’m pretty sure the whole box cost less than $1 when I bought it. An O because they’re not terribly unique, but if they were super cheap-o again, I may pick up another box to munch on.