At home chocolate tips

In an article and video in the NY Times Dining section, the Minimalist writer Mark Bittman breaks down the process of tempering chocolate (messing with its chemical structure to get a nice, glossy sheen).

While his method is all fine and good, I find that microwaving works just as well for me. Go in short spurts and stir in between. It’s okay and even desirable for your final spin to leave you with tiny, not-yet-melted nubs from the centers of your chocolate pieces. They’ll melt soon enough from the residual heat in the melted parts, and their existence will keep you from overheating and cooking the chocolate.

Once you’ve mastered tempering chocolate, check out these tips for making chocolate dipped/covered things from Lauren Pett of Rich Chocolates and Candies, via The Kitchn.

I hope these tips come in time to help you put together something tasty and homemade for Valentine’s Day!