Smarter Homes

Smart Home Gadgets for Smarter Homes

You’re a smart homeowner or you have Smarter Homes—and a smart-home owner. You already know that IoT-integrated technology can simplify your existence, make you more productive, and even keep you and your home safe. It might even help motivate prospective shoppers to make a competitive offer for a quick home sale for Smarter Homes .

Let’s assume you’ve already selected and regularly use a voice assistant with a home speaker—for example, an Echo and Alexa, a Nest Hub display with Google Assistant, or a Sonos One with either. Now what? Where do you go next?

As with most things these days, the answer depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and interests. Here we present TKTK types of gadgets that you can add to your home voice-powered assistant and home speaker setup to enjoy more excellent safety, productivity, and entertainment.

Prevent Fire and CO Injury- Smarter Homes

Ordinary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors let you know through a very loud alarm that something’s wrong in the environment. Whether it’s fire, a CO leak from a furnace or other appliance, or the presence of smoke in your home, you want that alarm to be loud enough to rouse you out of sleep, and most traditional detectors do an acceptable job at that task.

Smart detectors, however, give you more. They can notify you through a smartphone app of what’s going on, and some can even ping your designated emergency contact person. That way, whether you respond or not, someone you trust will get the message about your emergency and be able to send help right away.

Know Exactly Who’s Knocking on Your Door- Smarter Homes

Is that person knocking on your door in the middle of the day a friend or a stranger—or a person with criminal intent? How can you keep delivered packages safe while you’re away at work or running errands?

The answer is a doorbell or porch-mounted home security system. These smart gadgets include audio and video recording and can even offer remote viewing no matter where you are. These cameras help keep your family safe by showing you exactly who’s out there without creating additional risk by opening your door.

Maintain Your Home’s Perfect Environment

For cost savings and pure comfort with minimal effort required, it’s hard to beat a smart thermostat. It can detect when the house is empty and adjust the settings so that your system only runs when needed. Recent models even let you install sensors throughout your home to monitor the environment everywhere, not just at the point of the thermostat itself. Many also respond to voice commands for heightened convenience. These features often prove especially attractive to home buyers.

Keep the Floors Clean

If you have a home, you have floors that get dirty. That’s just a fact of life. And by this point, robot vacuums aren’t really novel gadgets. Smart robot vacuums are ideal for daily maintenance cleaning, although you’ll probably want to keep a regular full-powered vacuum cleaner for deeper cleaning.

There are several reliable models on the market at various price points, so be sure to compare shops and check several independent ratings and reviews to get the suitable model at the right price for your budget.

Turn Any Pluggable Device Into a Smart Gadget

You don’t necessarily need a new gadget to make your home smarter. You might just need a new plug for your outlets. Smart plugs work by adding responsive technology through a device that acts a little like an adapter. Plug any device like a lamp, coffee maker, fan, or clock into the smart plug, then pair the plug with your home voice assistant to control the device remotely.

Raise Your Home’s IQ With Smart Gadgets

To make your home even smarter, start by identifying your biggest needs. Whether that’s security from outside bad actors, safety from fire or carbon monoxide leaks, enhanced comfort through HVAC control, or expanded entertainment options, there’s most likely a smart gadget to help you get there.