Shower for the seniors and disabled people: what to look for when choosing

The bathroom is one of the most problematic places for the disabled and the seniors in the house. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider not only its aesthetic characteristics but also functional ones, taking into account the individual physical characteristics of the user. If you want to properly equip a bathroom for an old person and are looking for home care in Nassau, then this article is for you.

Shower design for the seniors


Plumbing fixtures for people with disabilities must have certain design features. There are standards for plumbing designed for the disabled. According to these standards, shower enclosures must be highly functional.


The most important characteristics of a shower for seniors are:


  • reliability, durability, and safety in use;
  • hygiene and compliance with sanitary standards;
  • anti-slip surfaces, handrails to support a person;
  • low-lying tray, as well as a stationary folding seat with a swivel function;
  • the ability to freely perform any action in a sitting position;
  • durable, safe, easy-to-open curtains or doors;
  • the absence of any open wiring, pipes;
  • to prevent slipping of a person, it is necessary to choose a seat with a slight tilt back;
  • a strong enough hose that you can hold on to if necessary.


Suitable types of showers for the seniors


There are a lot of showers on the market, but you need to look for types suitable for seniors:

  1. Open.

The simplest of all. The pallet is placed against a wall or in a corner. It is connected to the sewer drain. Side blocks are fixed along the entire perimeter of the base. The walls of the room must be finished with tiles or other waterproof material.

The disadvantage of this design is that they do not have an overhead shower due to the lack of a roof. The inconvenience lies in the constant employment of hands.

Advantages: low cost, installation efficiency, and the presence of a low pallet.

  1. Combined with the bathroom.

Advantages: there is an opportunity to lie down in the bathroom.

Disadvantages: It can be difficult for the seniors, and even more so for the disabled, to get into the bathroom.

  1. Closed.

In another way, they are called boxes, as they are autonomous and airtight. These are the most versatile models.

Additional features of showers for the old people

Let’s consider the functional characteristics of the shower for the disabled and the seniors:

  1. A contrast shower that has automatic switching. This function is especially important for those who are not indifferent to their health and lead an appropriate lifestyle.
  2. “Tropical rain”, invented by English scientists, is great for insomnia. This is an ordinary shower head, only large, which is attached to the ceiling. Water passes through the grate, mixing with air, which creates the illusion of rain.
  3. Steam room function for Turkish bath lovers. This option allows you to lower blood pressure, rejuvenate the skin and improve the body as a whole.
  4. Aromatherapy is not only pleasant but also has beneficial properties. An oil container is attached to the back wall of the cabin.
  5. Hydromassage function, thanks to which pains in the back, neck, and legs are eliminated. To get the greatest effect, you should choose a model with rotary hydromassage jets so that you can set the direction of the jet. If you need a full massage, it is better to choose the “wave mode”.
  6. Chromotherapy involves treatment with the help of color and music.
  7. The presence of soap and shampoo dispensers; this is very important for old people.
  8. The effect of a waterfall is created by a simultaneous powerful water flow (170 liters) that falls on a person. Good water pressure must be provided.
  9. Lymphatic drainage function is similar to a real massage.
  10. Ventilation mode for uniform distribution of vapors throughout the booth.
  11. Some showers are equipped with multi-color overhead lighting located on the ceiling.
  12. Mirrors so that the old person can shave, apply a mask, etc.

How to choose a shower for the seniors


It is difficult for even a fairly experienced person to understand a wide variety of shower cabins. When choosing plumbing for an old or sick person, it is important to consider every little thing to ensure safety and comfort during use.

  1. How to choose a pallet.

Pallets are cast iron, steel, ceramic, acrylic, and marble. The most common are acrylic.

The pallet is the base of the soul on which a person stands. It is better if the bottom is rough with an anti-slip coating, as the old person will feel more stable and confident on it.

It is good if the pallet is equipped with a built-in seat, strong enough, and comfortable. Before buying, sit down on the chair and make sure you are comfortable enough. These devices for the old people may be different in design and shape. As a rule, you can adjust their height and fix the position. The seat is a very important attribute since it is important for old people not only to wash comfortably but also to sit with their feet in the water to relieve fatigue.

  1. Material.

There are glass and plastic shower cabins. Plastic is more durable and cheaper. However, a product made from it quickly loses its aesthetic characteristics and becomes outwardly unattractive.

To prevent water smudges and stains from remaining on the glass, it is coated with a special composition for the free sliding of water down the surface. Glass models last longer, they are easy to clean, they are more resistant to temperature extremes, do not darken or become cloudy over time. In addition, glass is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit substances hazardous to the body when in contact with hot water. Tempered glass is ideal for the seniors and disabled.

  1. Door design.

Ideal for the disabled and the seniors will be showers with sliding and hinged doors. The “accordion” type is not so convenient and does not have the necessary strength. The best option is swing doors, as they are more reliable. If a person suddenly slips, he will have something to grab on to. Old people with excess weight need a shower with doors that open outward. Hermetically sealed doors help to avoid slippery floors.


From this article, you learned what to look for when choosing a shower cabin for an old or disabled person. However, this is not enough to fully care for a loved one. We recommend that you contact Galaxy Home Care for professional caregiver assistance. The staff of this company provides comprehensive support to the seniors, including taking care of food, living, and accompanying an old person on a walk or in a clinic.