Plain White Sneakers

How To Shop for Plain White Sneakers

Can you name one type of shoe that you can pair with shorts or dresses, wear with jeans or suits, and dress up or down? The answer is plain white sneakers womens and for men. Much like a plain white t-shirt, these classic athletic shoes go with just about anything and are always in season. With so many features and styles, how do you narrow down the selection? Here are a few things to look for when you go shopping for white sneaks.

Focus on the Feel

White luxury brand and discount sneakers alike can be yours in a variety of materials. Classic white fitness shoes may have originally been available only in canvas or leather, but today’s options include denim, suede, synthetic fiber, mesh, or some combination of one or more. Before you settle on one type, think about how you wear them and how often you plan to clean them. Canvas may be easier for you to toss in the wash, while leather or suede may take a bit more patience and elbow grease to maintain a snowy white.

Step Out in Style

Just as important at the material is the style of the plain white sneakers that appeal to you. Do you prefer classic leather tennis shoes or retro clunky Jordans best shoes? Are you more of an old-school canvas high-top or simple runner fan? Some of the more iconic sneakers have been around for almost 100 years, so you’ll be in good company with the more traditional options that never go out of style. On the other hand, new technology and fashion trends can elevate the fitness shoe game to boldly go where no sneaker has gone before.

Find the Best Features

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Whether you call them runners, trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, or athleisure wear, the same holds true: plain white gym shoes are meant for active feet. Look for elements to match your requirements to make form and function merge. For instance, you may prefer a slip-on shape that is easy on and off rather than a high-top that takes a bit more effort to lace up. Here are some other possibilities to consider:

  • Basic, padded, or supportive insoles
  • Laces or Velcro fasteners
  • White, gum, textured, or colorful soles
  • Low or high tops
  • Detailed stitching, minimal decoration, or accents of color
  • Specialized design for a sport or activity such as running, tennis, walking, or cross-training

Bargain With Your Budget

With the popularity of white athletic footwear, many fashion designers have created their own version of athletic shoes. If you are brand-conscious, check with some of your favorite names to see what they offer, but expect to pay more for the label. Discount sneakers can have the same level of quality and similar features, so you may not be sacrificing anything by going with a lesser-known company.

Plain white sneakers are like potato chips; you can’t stop at just one. Treat yourself to several styles, and you’ll be ready for anything with the perfect pristine footwear. While you are at it, stock up on waterproofing spray or cleaning products to help your kicks stay white for as long as possible.