Emanuele Briganti

What Do Your Elevator Shoes Say About You?

Elevator shoes are slowly becoming a norm in the fashion industry but we are not quite there yet in terms of the shoes being commonplace. People still get surprised when dealing with the concept of GuidoMaggi shoes that make you taller that seem as normal as any other shoe but with a boost in height. Does your self-conscious work overtime when you are rocking your favorite pair of elevator shoes or are you cool and easy in them? Well, even without uttering a word, your raised shoes speak for you in any crowd or event, and they have a lot to say.

You are bold

Elevator shoes add a few noticeable inches to your height with regard to the level of elevation you opted for when buying the shoes. At GuidoMaggi, customers have the chance to choose their preferred elevation by deciding how tall they want to stand and how comfortable they will be in the shoes.

When you wear height increasing shoes, people automatically brand you as a bold and daring individual for choosing to step out of the norm. No one wants to be normal and boring hence raised shoes bring out that aspect.

We are used to women wearing heels that alter their height but height increasing shoes for men are seemingly a new concept in fashion; but not quite so seeing as the concept borrows from traditional platform shoes. Men who wear raised shoes are praised for being fashionable and embracing bold trends.

Elevator Shoes

You value your self-confidence

If you need to tweak a certain part of your being in order to be comfortable in your own skin then by all means, do it. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men and women are giving people a second lease of life by allowing people to alter their height temporarily, affordably and without encountering any medical intervention.

Self-confidence stems from various factors with height being one of them. We’ve all heard all the mean jokes about short people and no one wants to befall the circus. With height increasing shoes, you can now choose to stand as tall you wish.

Men who wear raised shoes to counter their height disadvantage note an instant boost in self-confidence that comes from within and praises from other people. If it’s any consolation, the founder of GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes, Emanuele Briganti, came up with the concept to satisfy his need to stand tall in his modelling career.

Wearing elevator shoes will enable you to venture into spaces that you had not envisioned before thanks to your sense of self.


You prioritize comfort

When it comes to height increasing shoes, the choice between brutally painfully heels and obnoxiously uncomfortable platform shoes, seems like a hard pass. This is why the modern elevator shoe is winning in the shoe industry and taking up room in everyone’s closet. The modern elevator shoes by GuidoMaggi are made with utter comfort and functionality in mind.

The inbuilt raised insole fits the shoe perfectly to ensure regular movement of the feet as you walk in your casual shoes or run in your athletic shoes.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for women and men come in a wide range of styles and designs to ensure everyone’s taste and preference is catered for. The inbuilt insole and slightly raised outer sole give the shoes a very normal appearance and feel.

Wearing modern height increasing shoes means that you value comfort without compromising on fashion, especially women. The next time you strut into a room with a pair of GuidoMaggi raised shoes, just know that the magic on your feet is already creating an impressive reputation for you.