Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies Every Woman Has

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Whether we decide to share these thoughts with mates is entirely different, nor do we always want to act on the impulses.?

The taboo thought, though, brings a moment of secret erotic pleasure, which is perfectly healthy. Find out what women most often fantasize about at?

It’s also good for relationships to explore and experiment with new and unique sexual experiences. Doing so can help to add a little spice to the bedroom. Specific fantasies might be a bit more challenging to discuss with a significant other, especially those that involve other people.

A partner might not understand that “fantasy” does not indicate a desire to cheat or become involved in an emotional affair; these are processing thoughts, not reflecting intention or desires.?

What could some of these thoughts mean? Let’s check out a few of the most common fantasies women have and see what the potential thought process behind them might be.

Sexual Fantasies Every Woman Has

While you can have an incredibly healthy, robust sex life, sexual fantasies are normal, natural, and integral to exploring and experimenting in the bedroom.?

That doesn’t always mean you’ll always share these thoughts with your mate. Some partners might feel in some way threatened by a fantasy involving other people, not realizing that these are not intentions you plan to act on.?

But if that’s not the case, what is the thought process behind some of these, which are quite common women’s fantasies. Let’s see.

  • The thought of being dominated

A great majority of women enjoy the fantasy of being dominated in bed, especially those who often tend to direct the show or help make decisions in the heat of the moment. The ultimate fantasy is to relax and let her partner play the lead.?

The thought process is to allow someone else to be in charge while focusing on pleasure and having a good time. It should not be presumed that the woman wants a position of weakness or prefers to submit but more so about thoroughly enjoying the sexual experience.

You can explore this with your mate incorporating props and toys, perhaps try out some remote control sex tech, even get ideas from different resources, like maybe watch “50 Shades of Grey” for a clue or two if you want to indeed heat things up between the two of you in a BDSM kind of way.

  • Making love with a stranger

It’s generally along the lines of seeing someone across a crowded room. You find yourself entirely ensconced by their attractiveness and what appears to be a particular mystery.?

Many women enjoy this fantasy since it’s not only romantic, but it’s sensual and erotic plus, most know it’s not something likely ever to happen; instead, a notion that’s generally only seen in movies.

A partner might not be as understanding of your conjuring up a stranger to overtake your desire in a fantastical sense. Still, without fully divulging the entire thought, you can express an interest in maybe role-playing in a similar scenario with your mate playing the part of the mysterious stranger.

The whole thought process behind being with someone you don’t know is merely having something new and fresh, acquiring an excitement and passion that might be waning a bit in a real-time relationship, attempting to find that “honeymoon” phase.?

Choosing to act this out with a partner is simply attempting to reignite a spark that might be cooling.

  • Participating in group sex

This would involve a threesome. A sexual fantasy involving more than one person is relatively common with both genders. It’s not one that most partners will actively seek to fulfill once they’ve reached an exclusive long-term committed relationship since it has the potential for becoming a wedge in the partnership.

As a rule, the fantasy for heterosexual men involves two women. Heterosexual women tend to have a secret desire to explore their sexuality but have no preference regarding gender in the group setting.

Some couples trying to determine if they want to be exclusive might use the opportunity of a threesome to see if they’re going to move into a more committed relationship instead of choosing to see other people individually. That’s reaching a little bit, though.

Suppose the two of you are strong and healthy in your committed relationship with a desire to experiment and try new things. In that case, the experience could possibly introduce new elements to your existing repertoire – you never know what you might learn.

Women like to fantasize about having sex in different locations

  • Different locations

Women like to fantasize about having sex in different locations. That isn’t restricted to merely unique places around the home, although that can be fun too. The thrill with this fantasy comes with the idea you might get caught in a public location, like perhaps on the trail while taking a hike, at the office after hours, maybe in the corner of the public library.

The thought process behind this is almost like sneaking around as a kid. Perhaps you weren’t supposed to be seeing the person you were with. Maybe they were a bit too old for you, so you had to hide the fact that you were going out with them. It made the idea of being with that person that much more exciting.?

That’s the concept behind this fantasy. This one, you can undoubtedly make a reality with your partner by just choosing public places to test the waters. The notion of getting caught, which is a genuine possibility, will be stimulating, creating the eroticism necessary to add the spark back into your love life.?

Final Thought

Sexual Fantasies play a natural role in our sexuality. They can genuinely be a good way for partners to express what they prefer in the bedroom. If the two mates can communicate what’s happening in these daydreams and why there is potential for further exploration into new experiences.

While each fantasy discussed here is common among women, the thought processes for each woman are different. Some women might have no intention of ever acting out their fantastical ideologies; instead, choosing to keep them private, others could hope to experience that one night with a stranger. Go here to find sexual fantasy surveys.

The key is to use your fantasies in your favor by sharing them with your partner and then acting them out or role-playing to spice up what might be lacking in your real-time sex life.?

If you decide to keep these under wraps, you’ll be missing out not only on the chance to explore new territory with your partner but the possibility of what your mate might want to experience with you.