butt plug for you and your partner

How to choose the right butt plug for you and your partner – here are the differences!

As you shop for sex toys online for you and your partner, you may be trying to think of the best toys for beginners. If you are new to the world of using sex toys and accessories to spice up the relationship between you and a partner, or solely for your own use, you may be wondering where to start when buying sex toys nad the right butt plug.

However, don?t feel ashamed or confused – many people use sex toys and other accessories in the bedroom and it is a completely normal part of any relationship. If you decide to use these toys on your own, then you should have the proper education and knowledge before buying anything online or in person.

If you want to try a new toy for use in a sexual relationship, make sure you know the different accessories like butt plugs that are available for you. Here is one of the most popular types of sex toys that you can buy, along with the main differences you need to take into account before purchasing!

Choose the right butt plug – take note of these differences!

First, we need to know what a butt plug is. A butt plug is a sex toy that can be used by anyone and everyone and should not be only used for niche and kink relationships. A butt plug is an anal toy that is inserted into your butt, shaped with a wider base and smaller end piece. The point of a butt plug is to increase the chances of orgasm due to the nerve endings in your anus, along with using it as a kink or stretching mechanism to prepare for anal sex.?

You may be wondering if butt plugs are safe – and the answer is yes! However, you must take precautions so you know how to safely use this toy. Make sure you use lots of lube to ensure there is no skin damage, as long as properly handing and disinfecting the sex toy before use.?

Here are the different types of butt plugs that you can use as a beginner and advanced user alike:

  • Vibrating plugs – this type of butt plug moves while you use the plug, increasing the likelihood of stimulation and orgasm during use.
  • Textured plugs – instead of having a smooth surface, textured butt plugs can be used to hit the nerve endings in the anus for increased pleasure.
  • Smoothplugs – a smooth plug has one texture throughout, so it can be best for beginner use as a first-time sex toy user.
  • Foxtail plug – this type of butt plug has a foxtail coming off of the end, making it touch your skin differently and provide the ability for a partner to hold onto it during sexual use.?


As you can see, many different types of butt plugs can be used for solo and partner pleasure. Before you begin using butt plugs, make sure you know the safe way to use this sex toy, such as using lube and handling the toy properly. Research the different types of butt plugs before buying so you know what type is safest for you and your partner to try.?