Rowntree’s Jelly Tots

I give Rowntree’s Jelly Tots major props for cute packaging with built-in portion control. I only ever saw them in the UK in tiny bags, each including 146 calories, according to the little lower right nutrition corner. The “now with 25% fruit juice” is a bit worrying – what did they use to be made with? – but I’ll take it.

Jelly Tots are little button shaped springy jelly candies covered in sugar, and they come in five flavors. Or flavours. Blackcurrant tasted of dark berry with an almost bitter finish that may be too much for palates not used to blackcurrant flavored things. Lemon was rather bland, with only a slight citrus twinge. Lime was a bit more tangy than the lemon, but too sweet to be truly limey and exciting. Orange had a mild citrus finish but doesn’t warrant much more attention.

Strawberry was my favorite of the bunch. It had a strong mellow berry flavor with a strawberrilicious finish. Overall, Jelly Tots were cute and nicely portioned, but nothing worth stocking up on to fly back to the States. An O.