?I bought this chocolate bar, made by a Turkish company called Solen, at a random candy store in London. Embarrassingly enough, the first bar I picked up melted in my hands before I finished browsing the store. I may have snuck it back onto the rack and grabbed a new one when I checked out… Oops.

While there was lots of Turkish on the wrapper, it also thankfully, included an English translation: “milk chocolate with crispy rice and hazelnut cream.” The bar came in six segments of creamy, pliable, elastic chocolate and praline. I like my chocolate creamy, but pliable and elastic, not so much. And, as previously mentioned, it’s super soft with a low melting point (which also suggests a high fat content).

The praline wasn’t terribly hazelnutty, but the flavors are there. The crisped rice inside was airy and crunchy. Overall, it was nice, but it just lacked oomph, so it gets an O.