Road trips are even better when you’re well prepared

Heading out on a road trip is always a great adventure, regardless of how well prepared you are. With that said, if you do take the time to prepare properly then you might just get even more enjoyment out of your big trip. It need only take a short while to really organise yourself for the ride of your life. So, with that in mind, these are some of the most useful tips for taking your road trip from good all the way to great.

Pimp Your Ride

However flashy and new your car is, embarking on a lengthy road trip could still be a challenge for it. Cars that are used to travelling a few miles to work and back each day might need a bit of prep for a trip that’s hundreds or even thousands of miles long. Make sure that you’ve got tires that are pumped up and not low on tread, and if you’re planning any off-roading then check extra carefully. Top up your coolant and screen wash, check your oil, and take a little time to fill up your gas so you can start your day without any hassle. A couple of iPads for the backseats and a sat nav are always welcome additions too.

Get Some Games Ready

No matter how exciting your route is, there are going to be moments when some of the passengers need a bit of extra entertainment. Having a solid arsenal of games ready to deploy is your best bet for these moments and there can be some added benefits to road trip gaming. You could opt for the usual Twenty Questions, Yellow Car, or I Spy, which are all well and good but, in the age of smartphones, probably not necessary. Depending on the state that you’re travelling to, you might be able to benefit from some online games which you don’t usually get to play. For example, in Pennsylvania online poker is totally legal, so if you’re travelling through on your trip then you can get a game loaded up for playing in the car. You could also benefit from a little on-the-road Pokémon Go, in which you’ll be able to collect some different Pokémon than those available in your home state.

Curate a Playlist

And finally, any seasoned road tripper will tell you that a trip is only as good as its playlist, so it’s essential that you set up a great one before you leave. If you’re something of an all-rounder and don’t feel the need to make your own then there are plenty of premade ones on Spotify and YouTube that are ready to press play on. If you’d prefer something a little more to your own liking then dedicate a couple of hours to creating one, or make a whole evening of it with the people who are accompanying you on the trip. Some prefer to listen to a podcast whilst they’re driving and, if that’s you, then you could see if you can find one that relates to some of the places on your trip. Doing a little learning whilst you’re road-tripping is almost as good as a guided tour.