Reasons to Call Emergency Plumber

Never take any plumbing problem to be a minor one as in no time it can escalate into a catastrophic one. Although minor ones can at times be fixed by DIY ideas, it still makes it important to contact the professionals for better solutions and help. 

Homeowners must know when to call the emergency plumbing services Greenville, SC so that the issue is solved at the earliest. But not many know when to get the right help. Hence, to help the struggling homeowners, this article points out the situations that require immediate help from the experts. 

  • Burst Pipe

This situation without any doubt would require help from the plumber, unless and until you do not want to remake Titanic in your house. Water can easily flood your house in no time while causing massive and extensive damage to the infrastructure. If your instinct warns you of possible flooding, do not ignore or wave off. Act immediately and shut down the water supply. But if it is too late and you are already in crisis with a flood, then minimize the damage by moving the valuables to a safer and dry place and shutting off the water supply. Contact the plumbing services in Greenville, SC, and get the pipes fixed immediately. 

  • Flood Risk

Like mentioned earlier, if you feel there is a possibility of flooding, act immediately. Contact the professionals and close off the water supply. There can be many reasons for flooding and will cause severe damage to furniture, flooring carpet, building materials, insulation, wood framings, and more. The water can also short circuit the electricity system and give a breeding place for molds and pests. 

If you do not want to be caught up in the expensive after-effect flooding damage, then call Ace Plumbing right away and lower the damage by up to 100%. 

  • Sewer Backup

The waste products that are removed from the house are collected in the form of the sewer. A sewer line that has been backed up can cause odors, fumes, and bacteria to invade the indoor environment, causing a severe health hazard to the inmates. Everything will be compromised starting from running water to bathroom functions. A sewer backup is caused by broken pipe, blockage, tree root intrusion, etc. These are a few of the common things that demand immediate help from trained plumbers. 

  • Toilet Overflow

The most common reason for overflowing toilets is water contamination. There may be viruses and bacteria that are ready to put your health at serious risk. A minor blockage can be easily cleaned and removed, however, there may lie other problems, which you are not sure of. To make sure the overflow problem does not occur again, contact the professionals to know the root cause of the problem and get it fixed once and for all. 

  • Freezing Water in the Shower

If the cold water shivers you down the spine during your showering hours, then know that there is a serious problem that needs to be handled first. A cold shower can be caused because of heater problems. Check the breaker box of the unit or the gas heater’s pilot light. If you are unable to fix the problem, then getting professional help is the better option. It can also be because of particles that are collected in the heater base. This causes rattling noises when the heater is switched on. Do not ignore the problem, or in no time, it will give you major repairing or replacing options. 

  • Clogged Drain

You may be attracted to take the plunger out, though this will be effective for some period of time. But if you are facing this clogged issue regularly, then it can be because of many hidden reasons. This will in turn would lead to water overflowing issues and more. Get help from the professionals and get the issue fixed in its initial stage. 

Do not take any plumbing issues lightly as they can create havoc in your life. It will easily disrupt the daily routine and put all your work to a halt. Therefore, whenever, you have problems related to plumbing, get help from reliable professionals and get it fixed at the earliest. Ignoring this serious issue will only make the matter worst. So act smart and fast. 

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