Planning a Baby Shower: Best Decoration, Game, and Food Ideas

Baby showers are more than simply an occasion. For a parent-to-be, they are a particular moment to celebrate. They are special milestone occasions with many customs hosts prefer to incorporate. We strongly advise you to speak with the honoree to analyze and understand what they have in mind before beginning the planning process.

Before the day, everything has to be organized. Whether you’re organizing a large shower or a small gathering with close friends and family, the emphasis should be on the parents and the impending birth of their child.

Best Decoration Ideas

We all know that balloons, banners, and birth month flowers are the standards for baby shower decorations, but cute and distinctive baby shower centerpieces may inject the space with a significant amount of pizazz and create the mood for the event. 

To help you get inspired and go the extra mile when decorating with flowers, here is a roundup of adorable baby shower table decorations. Most of our centerpiece suggestions may be produced by hand or bought.

Diaper Centerpieces

It’s very simple and lovely to make diaper baby shower table decorations. To fasten some diapers, just wrap them up and tape them. Then tie them with burlap or a thin ribbon. Add adorable finishing touches to fit your theme. The expecting mother can use the diapers after the celebration for the newborn.

Rubber Ducky Centerpieces

In a transparent glass bowl with water in it, add some colored glass pebbles or water bubbles (Orbeez). Next, add a little rubber ducky to the top. These are ideal baby shower centerpieces since the glass bowls and rubber duckies may be used repeatedly.

Confetti Balloons

Collect many adorable balloons and weave them into a bouquet to create this baby shower table decoration. To weigh them down, affix a weighted object or any other weight to the bottom. In cases where money is at a premium, this is effective.

Best Game Ideas

These entertaining baby shower games are ideal for organizing a baby sprinkle and searching for game ideas. They are distinctive, simple to put up, and entertaining for all players.

Diaper Hang

Before the game, make a laundry line by hanging a string from one location to another. Hand out clothespins, a bucket of diapers, or small pieces of cloth to players. In the allocated time, players must hang as many diapers as possible on the string wash line using just the clothespins provided. You may blindfold the players for added entertainment.

Ice Baby

Make ice cubes out of infants (or other little plastic toys of a like size) in advance of the party (one toy per ice cube). Give each player an ice cube for the game. The winner is the first person to melt their cube and remove their baby.

Nursery Rhyme Trivia

Before the part, create a playlist of baby songs or nursery rhymes with only a few seconds of each song. Give each player a piece of paper. Play the playlist and have players guess the name of the songs and write them down. The player who correctly guesses the most songs at the end wins.  

Best Food Ideas

The food is the next important component of a baby shower, after the mother, the newborn, the decor, and games. The cuisine must be outstanding if you want to keep the visitors delighted. You’ll like these simple baby shower food and drink ideas.


Serve up some of the upcoming parent’s favorite dishes, or decide on a meal that matches the theme or color scheme. Some suggestions are as follows:

Mini Quiches

Quiche is a traditional snack, but small quiches are even better for a baby shower menu. They are separately proportioned, so you don’t need to mess with cutting them. They are ideal for every occasion since they may be served warm, cold, or even at room temperature. There are several versions that may be created by changing the components.


Scones can be enjoyed as a savory or sweet delicacy. Although they taste best when served warm straight from the oven, they are simple to reheat if you make them ahead of time. With a side dish of items like butter, jams, cheese, ham, etc., you may offer plain scones, or you can pre-make different flavors.

Cheese Board

A cheese board is a delicious starter and a fantastic opportunity to showcase your excellent culinary abilities. Simple ingredients put attractively can never go wrong. Pick up a range of cheeses to begin. You may choose from whatever type of cheese you desire, including blue, hard, and soft.

Add some charcuterie and cured meats next. Your board will gain some flavor and texture from this. Add some complementary foods, such as different pieces of bread, almonds, and fresh fruit, to finish. Your board will benefit from a wonderful mix of flavors and textures as a result.


DIY cocktails are an all-time favorite at most baby showers. You can have a few with alcohol in them for guests if you like, but remember to have non-alcoholic ones so that mommy-to-be can also have some. Here are a few ideas:

Party Punch

Combine Sprite, orange juice, and sorbet to create a vibrant party punch. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, you may use rainbow sorbet; if you do, you can match it to your baby shower’s theme.

Virgin Sangria

With this stunning virgin (non-alcoholic) sangria punch, keep it elegant and refined. Fresh fruits are combined with cranberry juice, orange juice, lime juice, pink lemonade mix, and lemon-lime soda to create a delightful, sweet beverage that everyone will appreciate.

Sherbert Punch

Any of your preferred clear drink mixes may be used to make sherbert punch, and the sherbet serves as both the flavoring and the coloring. You may add fruit for a more aesthetically pleasing look and match it to your theme or gender.

Bringing It All Together

One of the most significant responsibilities a friend or family member might have is hosting a shower. In addition to making the expectant mother feel important, you are responsible for keeping the visitors entertained and occasionally providing gift ideas.

There are a lot of details to arrange if you want the celebration to be ideal. Although everything could seem daunting, strive to keep the occasion enjoyable and simple. Asking a few guests to arrive early to assist with the setup is not frightening. The “work” of love that goes into baby showers should be shared.