Online Casino Bonuses – Why Are Casino Sites Gifting Free Money?

One of the reasons why people do not gamble is a lack of money. They are not willing to invest a lot even if they know there is a chance to make a profit. But, things have become a lot easier and more accessible after casino bonuses have appeared. You can find a lot of casinos these days with a 300% deposit bonus. In other words, immediately after you register and deposit a certain amount, you will get 3x times more to enjoy different games.

If you are a complete beginner or simply a person that gambles in brick-and-mortar casinos, this may be strange to you. The same rule counts for entrepreneurs in other industries. They do not understand “why a business gives something for free”.

There is no simple answer to that question. They are doing that for a wide range of reasons and they all deserve an explanation. Shortly, in this case, both players and casinos end up happy and satisfied in the end. Because of that, let’s explain what those reasons are and help you understand how online casinos actually function.

Bonuses Are a Form of Promotion

Let’s imagine that you have been looking for a reputable and good online casino for a long period. You have probably seen a number of them representing themselves as the best option for you. Suddenly, among many of them, you see a quote “register and claim 300% deposit bonus”. Wouldn’t that, at least, make you feel curious and check what’s going on?

Well, that’s exactly what casino sites want to achieve. They use amazing bonuses to promote their website and grab the attention of visitors. Deposit bonuses in the form of free cash are growing together with the competition in this industry. Paying ad campaigns on social media or improving SEO are no longer the only options these businesses have. They need to go a step further, and promotions of this type are a good example.

They Let People Explore Their Website

Every business, including casinos, invests a lot of time to figure out who its target audience is. Based on that research, they know which advertising campaigns are going to be the most effective ones. But, the problem here is that people can’t understand who the casino is and what exactly it offers.

But, there is an ‘ABOUT US” section, right? Well, that’s not enough. People know that many casinos talk about themselves in the best possible way. Gamblers are curious, and they want to confirm on their own all the statements listed on the About Us page.

Unfortunately, they can’t play games and check out the offerings without investing money. That is the reason why casinos use bonuses to let people experiment with their gambling products and services. With free money, people will try out different games. In case something unexpected happens, they will contact the customer service and confirm its quality and responsiveness.

That way, people are actually meeting the quality and core values of the casino where they registered without spending a lot of money. Plus, if they are lucky or experienced enough, they can turn free cash into profit. Imagine someone paying you to meet him up. Would you refuse such an offer?

They Also Want to Keep the Existing Customers

Who says that a 300% deposit bonus is available only to the new customers? As we stated, the gambling business field is more competitive than ever before. Because of that, gambling sites need to find a way to keep the existing customers and convince them not to register on other casino platforms. One of the options they have is to keep them with good bonuses.

So, how do casinos reward existing customers? They reward them with different daily, weekly, and monthly rewards. Sometimes they give them free money, while in some other cases they reward them with free spins. Keeping the most loyal clients after they lose a bit more money is the toughest challenge. Because of that, they will create a VIP club and offer them some cool promotions different from what average players can get. That can come in the form of better bonuses or even cash back options.

But, Things Aren’t That Simple

We have to remain objective and confirm that things are not as easy as they look. First and foremost, we have to say that free money is not the only bonus option. Casinos like to give free spins as well to players as part of the welcome package and other weekly rewards.

All the bonuses come with some wagering requirements. For example, a 300% deposit bonus may require people to wager the amount they got + deposit 40 times until they get the right to withdraw it. On the other hand, there are also time limits. For instance, you may need to wager the bonus and spend it for 2 or 3 weeks. This requirement varies from one casino to another.

These pieces of information are transparent. You will find them in the Terms and Conditions section on the website. It is essential that each player read them before claiming the bonuses. That way, no unexpected situations will appear!


You now understand why bonuses reward you with free cash and spins. It is one of the most effective ways of promotion. It also lets people check out the offering of the website without investing a lot of money. However, keep in mind that their purpose is to make your gambling experience more pleasant and they do not raise the chances of winning. How much you will profit or lose depends only on you. Because of that, gamble responsibly!