How Online Casino Bonuses Work — Online Betting Requirements Guide

Online casinos have various types of promotions. The most appealing ones are the welcome bonuses, as their main purpose is to give newcomers an introduction to the casino and the huge prizes and benefits that they can get.

Welcome bonuses are just the beginning as there are many types of promos you can come across (daily, weekly, monthly offers, weekend promos, holiday promos, no deposit offers, etc.).

Nonetheless, depending on the type of bonus you engage with, you’ll have to fulfill some requirements. Without going through these terms, you won’t be able to cash your winnings out.

Check out this article to learn more about how online casino bonuses and promotions work and what you need to do to obtain the prizes they bring.

Types of Bonuses

You can obtain tons of different bonuses depending on the online gaming platform you register at. Here are the most common promos that players can stumble upon in online casinos:

  • Welcome bonus – These are great marketing tools as they attract the biggest number of new players on gaming platforms. Welcome bonuses give out the most appealing prizes with decent conditions. A 300% bonus casino for newcomers is pretty frequent, even though it may seem like a huge prize.
  • Deposit bonus – Most bonuses require players to make a minimum deposit and then claim the rewards. Once they top their profile up with sufficient funds, they become eligible users for the prizes.
  • No deposit bonus – No deposits are the best tool in the box simply as players don’t have to place any wager to claim the prizes. Sadly, no deposit promos are a rare sight to see.
  • Free spins/bets – These are similar with no deposit bonuses but the difference is that you may claim them during your gameplay. However, players cannot obtain cash or real-life prizes with these.
  • Referral bonus – Referral deals are frequent promos at many online casinos. To get the prize they give out, you have to invite a friend to join the casino. Once they register and deposit, you can claim the perks.

Promo T&C

Each casino must have a promotions T&C in addition to their regular ones. These are usually transparently displayed at the bottom of the casino site, but, they may sometimes be given as part of the general T&C.

It is important that all players – new and long-time gamers – check the bonus terms and conditions before engaging with a promo. This way, you can know everything that the promo requires from you to claim it and the rewards it contains.

The following are some key points that you should always check first when looking for a bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements make the top of the list of importance. The amount of wagering limitations attached to the bonus is a condition without which you won’t be able to cash out.

For instance, if you claim a 100% match up to $100 with 10x WR, you will have to play 10 times through the bonus funds. This indicates that you must play through $1,000 to be able to cash out. The same applies to 300% bonus casino offers and other similar amounts.

Minimum Deposit

This is yet another requirement players must respect to get the bonus. In fact, without fulfilling it, you can’t start the game.

For instance, if a bonus is 50% up to $1,000 with a minimum deposit of $20, it won’t matter if you deposit $20 or $100 as you will get the 50% either way.

Anything below this amount won’t contribute towards getting the perks. Remember, most such bonuses also have maximum amounts. Anything above the capped limit will also not contribute towards getting the perks.

Usually, promos place this in the Read More segment of the bonus. If you can’t find it there, then the general or promotional T&C will definitely state it.

Other Key Requirements

You have to look out for many other requirements and terms to claim or use a bonus. Some of the most frequent ones you will have to work through include:

  • Maximum Winnings – Maximum winnings are stated in the promotion or the T&C menu. This is the highest amount the operator can pay you. For instance, if the maximum winnings for the cashback percent are capped at $200, but you have a total win equal to $275, the surplus will be canceled. To put it in simple terms, you will get $200 out of the $275 you’ve won.
  • Rollover Time Frame – Visit the bonus T&C and see how many days you are given to fulfill the wagering requirements. Many gambling platforms usually offer newly registered players up to 30 days to complete the WR. If you fail to finish the task within the time frame, you will lose your previously won bonus funds.
  • Game Limitations – Often, you will have to check which games are available to use the free spins you got from the bonus. The bonus spins won’t work on any other game than those provided on that list. This requirement is usually included in tournaments hosted on behalf of some software developer. To paint a better picture, if you are competing in a Pragmatic Play tournament, you will most likely be allowed to play Pragmatic Play titles exclusively.
  • Mobile Exclusives – Sometimes, you will have to play via your smartphone to claim some promos. Such bonuses are labeled as mobile bonuses and can be given to players who play on the existing casino app. Desktop players don’t have the privilege to claim such bonuses as they are mobile gamer exclusives.


Each bonus has different terms, conditions, and requirements attached to it. To claim a bonus, you only need to go to the casino and click on it. After you go through all, or most, of the conditions we have stated before, you can claim the rewards they have.

Ensure that you visit the T&C segment and see the requirements you have to fulfill to become eligible for some bonus. If you have trouble finding a promo, you can contact customer support and get quick answers.