Not Everything Deserves to be Gummified

Yes But No But Yes has a list of 5 Gummi Candies that shouldn’t be. I bet eating that strawberry flavored gummi bacon is a mindboggling experience.

In completely unrelated news, this following blurb from my chocolate calendar made me laugh out loud: “In August 2006, Darmin Garcia fell into a vat of molten chocolate goo and was trapped for more than two hours. He was almost chest deep in chocolate, the dark variety.” I think I would’ve attempted to eat my way out.

Speaking of my chocolate calendar, the winner of my chocolate calendar giveaway will be announced Tuesday, and the calendar itself will be mailed out, well, as soon as it arrives in my PO Box. It should have arrived by now, but the campus post office is seriously deluged with people receiving the textbooks that they bought online, so hopefully it’s there, waiting to be processed.