Unwanted Hair Growth

Methods To Remove Unwanted Hair Growth

People often tend to wonder about the secret of hair removal of some girls when they see them on beaches, pools, or at commercials with their flawless and smooth legs without any redness or irritation marks. There is no magic remedy for Unwanted Hair Growth but it depends upon the method of hair removal they choose.

There are several methods for removing body hairs varying from shaving to laser treatment. What you want to choose depends upon factors like expense, pain tolerance, hair and skin type, and how long you expect the outcomes to stay. You’ll get to know some promising methods of hair removal and Unwanted Hair Growth in this article.

Shaving The Unwanted Hair Off

Shaving is the easiest and most affordable method at home. Shaving creams and high-end razors look attractive but all you need to ensure is that your razor is clean and sharp with one or two blades only. To get a smoother shave massage with a moisturizer after shaving.

It is not just after the shaving that you have to care for your legs but also in between the shaving sessions you have to keep exfoliating and moisturizing your legs. This will help your skin to breathe and heal from any rashes or bumps occurring after shaving.

Waxing And Relaxing

Waxing is a procedure that can be done both at a spa and at home. Leg hair removal with waxing lasts longer than shaving. Shaving can be done on small or ingrown hairs but for waxing, you have to wait for your leg hairs to grow long enough. It is a painful but gainful process as the finer hair grows after it.


There is no risk of burns like that of razors but for some skin types, little bumps may appear on hair growing back. Here also gently exfoliating and massaging will aid your leg skin.

Laser Treatment For Permanency

Laser treatment is a permanent solution to leg hair removal. At least two or three continuous treatments are needed to stop the maximum hair growth and re-treatment is also required in some cases.

There are certain conditions in which laser hair removal treatment is best for individuals who have no tan, light skin, and dark hair as pale blonde and white hair doesn’t retort to laser treatment. If you have tanned skin or any of these mentioned conditions then you must not opt for a laser as it may give you permanent light spots.

Depilatory Creams For Quick Going

Depilatory or hair removal creams are another easy method after shaving. Many commercial hair removal creams in the market claim themselves to be the best but you need not trust them blindly. Though leg hair removal with cream is an easy task but risky as well if you have super sensitive skin. So before directly applying the cream all over the legs, do a patch test for leg hair removal and take some time to see the results of whether there is any reaction or not, then only proceed further.

These are the most common and promising methods to get rid of unwanted hair. Choose any of them according to your need, budget, and skin type, it will be better if you can afford to consult a dermatologist.