Meiji Kaijiu Peach Gummi Candy

I got these Japanese peach gummis in my generous free sample box from Tsunamik. They’re solid proof that the Japanese are darn good at making gummis (along with creepy robots).

The gummis came in a resealable bag with a luscious white peach and a blue um… condom-like button promising 2600 mg of… something. The gummis themselves were an opaque mustard yellow and shaped like idealized Asian cartoon peaches.

I loved their soft, bouncy texture. It was a pleasure to feel them sproinging against my teeth. For me, that’s the ideal gummi texture.

They tasted sweet and floral, with a hint of citrus flavor. If I hadn’t known that they were supposed to be peach, I would have guessed that they were orange or fruit punch.

Either way, the flavor was refreshing and delicious. I liked that the sweetness wasn’t overpowering or artificial tasting. It was just sweet enough.

A great combination of flavor and texture earns these guys an OMG. My bag disappeared far too quickly.