Korean Red Grape Gummies

More candy goodness from Korea! Nana translated the name of these red gummy grapes into “my gummy,” which I’m guessing is the brand.

The gummies inside were soft and gooey, with barely any bite to the texture. Each gummi was shaped like a bunch of grapes, prettily purple with just a tinge of pink when the light shines through it.

The gummies were lightly sweet with a floral flavor that was quite genuinely that of red table grapes. There was a big 50% on the package. Despite my complete lack of ability to read Korean, I’m going out on a limb and guessing that they’re made of 50% real fruit or fruit juice, as they certainly taste like they are.

These were far better than most grape flavored gummies that are available in the states, as it tasted like the actual fruit. An OM.