The Jive bar is basically a knock-off Twix: “crunchy biscuit topped with caramel and a creamy milk chocolate coating.” It even comes two fingers to a pack! I bought mine at the check-out aisle of an Aldi.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bar. The cookie was a little drier and more crumbly than that of a Twix. It also wasn’t quite as sweet as the cookie in a Twix.

The caramel was slightly grainy with a nice bit of burnt sugar finish to it. It didn’t pull into gloriously decadent strands like a Twix’s caramel does. Instead, it broke pretty cleanly when bitten into.

While the chocolate coating was fine, I found that it was a tad too sweet. A few bites of a Jive finger was great, but polishing off the whole thing became overly cloying.

I don’t think the few cents price break on the Jive would be enough for me to choose it over a Twix in a head to head, but it held its own well enough. An O.