Goody Good Stuff Peach

Goody Good Stuff landed on my radar when I got free samples of their Sour Fruit Salad and Strawberry Cream gummis to review. They’ve since sent along a couple more free samples. Today I’ll cover their Summer Peaches, and Wednesday I’ll write about their Tropical Fruit.

Gummi peaches are a pretty common candy aisle treat. The Goody Good Stuff version is vegan (no gelatin!) with all natural flavors and an adorable mascot.

They were checked in a pretty pink and yellow pattern and covered in a sweet sugar sand. The texture was like that of a fruit gem – a soft, instant give with no springiness.

The flavor was sweet with a mild floral flavor. It was a solid version of the standard candy interpretation of peach flavor rather than the juicy tanginess of a fresh, ripe peach.

I would have preferred the latter version, a la Gimbal’s, but this was still nice! An O.