It’s worth seeing: The Lake of Love in Dubai

Love is a wonderful feeling that connects people’s hearts and lives. There are also places on planet Earth where couples in love tend to go to be alone. Here you don’t notice how time stops, and feelings only flare up more. We are talking about the Bavarian Königssee Lake, the night Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro, the Italian Via dell’Amore, the orchid Park in Singapore, and the Lake of Love in Dubai.

Who would have thought that the most romantic lake of Love is located in the harsh Dubai desert? It was created artificially in 2018 and is now a landmark in Dubai. From the bird’s-eye view, it is visible that this lake consists of two intersecting reservoirs in the shape of hearts. And next to it, they also built the word “LOVE” through luxurious green trees.

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How to get there

It is situated at a distance of 40 km from Dubai. To get there you just need to hire a car from the nearest rental service. We highly recommend making a choice on SUV rent Dubai, as this is the most suitable option for desert trips. However, you are open to any options, and you can choose between the most luxurious rental cars.

What is Lake of Love

The manmade lake in the form of a heart is for sure one of the most spectacular tourist destinations for lovers traveling to the Middle East.

Although Dubai is home to many famous monuments, like the recognizable artificial island in the form of a giant palm and constructions like the Burj Khalifa or the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and fantastic amusements like Dubai Fountains in front of the Dubai Mall, there are still much to see in the desert nearby.

The Dubai Lake of Love gained notoriety after the Crown Prince of Dubai posted a picture of it with the comment “To all of you” on his well-known Instagram profile. Keep in mind that if you are searching for ways to monetize your blog and use Instagram as a tool for passive income, such cool photos are a must.

Even though the Lake of Love has gained popularity as a romantic getaway in the Middle East, you must view it from a minimum of 50 meters in the air to fully admire its charm; in another case, all you would see is a lake with a little curb. You’ll either have to take a flight on a helicopter or use a drone, both of which require permits. They say that even from space, people may see this breathtaking 550.000 sq. m., which is a natural magnet for travelers.

The Lake of Love is an artificial oasis encircled by sands and is situated far away from populated regions. You can only speculate on the amount of time, funds, and hard work that were spent on creating this location, particularly because, in addition to the famous lake, it also includes a variety of vibrant flowers, such as red begonia, and different types of shrubs and trees. Getting here, you will also see graceful swans and sophisticated flamingos, as well as a variety of fish.

Sculptures on a love theme are installed on the Lake of Love. There are especially many hearts here. This is a real paradise for couples in love. This is the perfect place for romantic dates. It is often observed here how men make a marriage proposal to women. Swimming is allowed on the Lake of Love. And the bolder ones can swim along the entire length of the Dubai reservoir. There are many benches on which couples can comfortably sit and admire the fantastic landscapes of this place. And there are simply stunning orange-red sunsets here. Of course, the Lake of Love in Dubai is always used for photo shoots, getting divine photos.

So, if you have already seen Dubai’s skyscrapers, giant shops, and artificial islands, travel 50 km into the desert to find the unique lake of Love.