Is Hotel Management Good for the Future?

As we know, the hotel management team is solely responsible for the management of staff employees as well as the planning, marketing, coordinating, and administration of hotel services, including catering and accommodation. Moreover, people associated with this industry need to be approachable, confident, and adventurous. They are expected to show eagerness to learn about other cultures, and shouldn’t be hesitant to experiment with new things. As an evolving sector, the hotel industry has great demands across the globe, and teamwork is considered the most important aspect of the industry. 

Through this blog, we will try to provide an in-depth understanding of this industry, and what can be the possible outcomes of pursuing this course.

Table of Contents: 

  1. BBA in Hotel Management- Course Overview
  2. Which are the top-listed postgraduate Hotel Management courses?
  3. Advantages of pursuing hotel management study programs in Bhopal
  4. Read about the top-most university in Madhya Pradesh that offers courses in hotel and hospitality
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

BBA in Hotel Management- Course Overview

A BBA in Hotel Management is an undergraduate program generally concentrating on the concept and nature of management through basic accounting, computer software components, and hotel ownership structure. By including every aspect of the hotel and hospitality industry, its overall curriculum makes the student become highly trained in just three years. 

However, the BBA program generally includes an internship in the second year to provide candidates with a better glimpse of the working sectors. To be eligible for direct admission to this program, or to appear for an entrance test, you must have received at least 50% to 55% on your most recent qualifying exam. The top universities in Bhopal offer this course, where candidates can seek expert guidance to make a successful career in this sector. 

Which are the top-listed postgraduate Hotel Management courses?

A post graduation in hotel management guides students in learning fundamental principles of the hotel, as well as the hospitality industry. Following are a few of those well-liked master’s degree courses:

  • Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM): This 2-year post-graduate course is suitable for candidates who wish to explore the tourism and hospitality industry. Through exposure to real-world circumstances and the hotel environment, its curriculum gives students both theoretical and practical expertise in hospitality administration. 
  • MBA in Hospitality Management: With this degree, students can specialize in the service and tourism industries besides gaining a basic understanding of business. Students can further anticipate gaining a solid understanding of business foundations, while also developing considerable knowledge and competence in a range of hospitality-related topics. 
  • Master of Hotel Management (MHM): The study program attempts to deliver a special fusion of practical, theoretical, as well as technical hotel administration skills. This academic program can provide you with a brief knowledge of marketing management, food and beverage management, proficiency, communication skills, and accommodation management. 
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management: This is a common career choice for candidates looking to transition their undergraduate experience into highly professional international tourism, and hospitality management. The course successfully provides students with a thorough understanding of global tourism and tourist destinations as well as a deeper understanding of the supply chain, consumer demand, and overall sustainability of the industry.

Students who complete an accredited postgraduate program may be eligible for lucrative opportunities all over the world. The popular job profiles include the role of Hotel Manager, Catering Officer, Catering Supervisor, Sales Executive, Hospitality Executive, Hotel Supervisor, Marketing Executive, etc.

Advantages of pursuing hotel management study programs in Bhopal

In addition to having a big influence on culture, heritage, and history, Bhopal is well known for its hotel administration colleges. Below are a few reasons why students should consider attending one of the best hotel management colleges in Bhopal: 


  • Career Options: There are many job opportunities available at Bhopal’s hotel management colleges. In addition, it is a city with some of the best dining establishments, accommodations, and bars. If you attend one of the renowned hotel management colleges in Bhopal, you’ll have no trouble finding a good job.
  • Facilities for Students: Many prestigious hotel administration colleges in Bhopal offer some of the best student amenities, including a well-connected transportation system, upscale cafes, theaters, and restaurants. 
  • Availability of excellent universities: Some of the top hotel management universities in Bhopal have received excellent rankings on rating websites. The city is also full of students that are focused on their careers, making it one of the best places to study.

Read about the top-most university in Madhya Pradesh that offers courses in hotel and hospitality

The Mansarovar Global University, which was established in 2018 under Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwavidyalaya (Sthapana Avam Sanchalan) adhiniyam 2007 is popularly recognized as the best university in Madhya Pradesh. The university is entirely committed to a continual process of improvement for the benefit of the students and comprehensive, high-quality learning. Since its inception, it has been successfully offering multiple courses.

Let us have a look at its Hotel Management courses: 


Programs offered Duration Mode
BBA (Hospitality and Hotel Administration) 3 Years Semester
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 4 Years Semester
Master in Hotel Management 2 Years Yearly
BSC (Hotel and Hospitality Administration)  3 Years Yearly


With a focus on operations management, service delivery systems, and global strategic management methodologies, Mansarovar Global University helps its students build the competencies and skill sets required by worldwide enterprises in the hotel management sectors. 

For admission-related queries, you can either call or drop them a mail. All the required information is available on their official website. 


Summing up, a career in hotel management can help you pursue a profession in a fast-paced and exciting setting where you can share your passion, and provide exceptional service. And, this is one of the best options that may lead to exciting and lucrative employment opportunities. Moreover, the current scenario demands more qualified personnel to manage establishments like hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

So, if you are looking for the best hotel management course in Bhopal, Mansarovar Global University can be your one-stop destination. We hope this helps to solve some of your queries related to the hotel industry and related sectors. 


  • What is the average salary of a BBA (Hotel Management) degree holder? 

A recent graduate might anticipate earning around INR 5 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs on average. Front desk manager, hotel operations manager, and food and beverage manager are among the job descriptions available after completing a BBA degree in hotel management.

  • What is the basic difference between hotel and hospitality management? 

The provision of guest accommodations and related services is the sole focus of the hotel sector. In contrast, the hospitality sector is more broadly focused on leisure. As a result, it includes lodging, dining, drinking, nightlife, and a variety of travel and tourism services.

  • What is the course fee for Hotel Management study programs?

The hotel management course fee usually ranges from INR 1 lakh to INR 4 lakhs or above in a country like India. 

  • What are the important skills you should possess as a hotel manager? 

Leadership quality, excellent communication, commitment to work, flexibility, customer service skills, finance management, and teamwork are some of the basic skills you need to have as a hotel manager. 

  • What are the top industries for jobs in hotel management?

Some common employment fields in this industry are 5-star hotels, multinational corporations, cruise lines, airlines, hospital administration, and catering.