How to Write a Good Synthesis Essay

Writing is a big part of everyone’s academic journey. What makes essay writing is so tricky for college students is a big number of essay types. Every kind of essay has its own specific requirements. It might be pretty confusing, especially for freshmen. The good news is there are essay writing services online such as AdvancedWriters which can be very helpful. “Does it mean there is someone I can pay to write essays for me?” may you wonder.

Yes, it means exactly that. What you have to do is to place an order online providing all the details of your assignment. Before you do that, let us introduce you to one of the essay types, which a synthesis essay is. It usually takes 4 steps to write a good one.

Step 1: Understand what a synthesis essay is

By definition, synthesis is a combination of multiple parts, forms, ideas, etc. In other words, it is a piece made of several pieces. As follows, a synthesis essay is a text that incorporates a central point or idea supported by more than one source. This type of paper shows if students can use different sources to support their idea or a point of view on a particular topic or subject. However, it would be a mistake to consider a synthesis essay as a one-side-thinking one. It is more about addressing the complexity of the issue you are talking about.

Step 2: Prepare for writing

To write a good synthesis essay, you will need to have a topic. The important thing is you have to have an opinion about it. You should keep in mind that the best topic for a synthesis essay would be a negotiable one.

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So, you selected your topic and chose the side you will be arguing on. It means it is time to write a tentative thesis to address your point of view or idea. It’s essential for your writing since it helps to initiate the research. By research, we mean finding sources that might help you support what you focused on in the tentative thesis. Reading the sources closely is useful for further evaluation of them. There is one more thing you will want to consider. It is that your sources shouldn’t be older than five or sometimes even three years. Once the prep is done, it’s time for the next step.

Step 3: Write a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is probably the most important part of an essay of any kind. That is why it requires more attention. So, a thesis statement is a sentence or two that introduces a topic of your essay. The important part is that it also highlights your position in regards to the topic. A strong thesis statement makes it easier for the reader to get an idea of your paper. It also helps you improve your essay-writing skills.

Like any other type of essay, a synthesis one should have three main parts. Those are an introduction, an essay’s body, and a conclusion.

  1. The introduction is a part that contains your paper’s topic. It plays a couple of roles. First of all, it gives the reader a big picture of the issue you will be talking about in your paper. Secondly, it acts as an attention grabber and is supposed to provoke an interest in the reader. Finally, it contains a thesis statement with your point of view and the arguments you will use to support it.
  2. The body is the biggest part of your paper. Each paragraph usually starts with a topic sentence that includes one of your arguments. With proper in-text citations, you present the information from more than one source in the essay body. It’s your space to compare and contrast sources to argue your thesis
  3. The final part is the conclusion. The first thing you are expected to do here is to restate your thesis statement. The conclusion serves as an area for you to connect the ideas from your sources to your thesis. It will also help you to give a different perspective on your topic. It should not be any open ending. The conclusion is what should put a logical period in your writing.
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Essential Writing Tips

Regardless of the type of paper you are working on, there are some important things you should always remember.

  • Cite your sources properly. In the academic environment, plagiarism is a violation that results in severe consequences. When you need to use the information from the sources in your essay, it is not enough to just copy-paste it. To avoid plagiarism in your paper, you should use such useful tools as summarizing and paraphrasing. Direct quoting might be an option if only it’s not a big chunk of text from the source. In any case, you should make sure that your text has in-text citations and a bibliography page.
  • Choose the side. Synthesis essay topics can be very argumentative. It means that you can argue those from different perspectives. However, good writing demands a strong opinion. That is why you can be vague about your position. It’s never “maybe”; it’s either “yes” or “no.” Yet, what makes a synthesis essay special is that your position has to be reasonable. In other words, it has to be determined through the evaluation of facts.